OMELLA BALAM: The Energetic Youth Challenging Political Norms In Tororo County North

TORORO, Uganda: In the heart of Tororo district, a new political force is emerging, poised to disrupt the status quo. Mr. Omella Balam, a dynamic and driven young individual, has thrown his hat into the ring for the position of Member of Parliament for Tororo County North in the upcoming 2026-2031 term. His ambition? To unseat the long-standing incumbent and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) stalwart, Geoffrey Ekanya.

Balam, who is contesting under the NRM flagship,  represents a new wave of leadership in Ugandan politics, one that prioritizes innovation, inclusivity, and progress. At just 43 years old, he brings a fresh perspective to the table, unencumbered by the traditional trappings of established politicians. Born and raised in Tororo County North, Balam’s deep roots in the community have fueled his passion for change and development.

One of the key pillars of Balam’s campaign is his focus on youth empowerment and engagement. Recognizing the untapped potential of the youth demographic, he advocates for policies and programs that will create opportunities for young people to thrive. From vocational training initiatives to entrepreneurship support schemes, Balam is committed to paving the way for a brighter future for Tororo’s youth.

However, Balam’s vision extends beyond generational divides. As a lawyer,  Balam is a staunch advocate for unity and cooperation across all sectors of society. “As a legal officer, i will use my profession to offer probono services to my electorate,” he said.

In a district often characterized by political polarization, Balam seeks to bridge the gap between different factions and build consensus for progress. His inclusive approach has resonated with many voters who are tired of divisive politics and yearn for a leader who can bring people together.

Challenging an incumbent like Geoffrey Ekanya is no small feat, but Balam is undeterred by the odds. He believes that his energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas are exactly what Tororo County North needs to move forward. While Ekanya may have decades of political experience under his belt, Balam argues that it’s time for a change – a change that reflects the evolving needs and aspirations of the community.

One of the key issues at the forefront of Balam’s agenda is economic development. Tororo County North is blessed with two cement factories, Hima and Simba, yet many of its residents continue to grapple with poverty and unemployment. “I want to tap (this) into job opportunities in the cement factories, Hima and Simba, that are based in Tororo,” he said. Balam says he is set for more engagement with various stakeholders, government inclusive to bring more factories in Tororo North.

Balam is committed to harnessing the district’s potential for growth, whether through investment in agriculture, infrastructure, or tourism. He envisions a thriving local economy that creates opportunities for all, not just a select few.

In addition to economic development, Balam is passionate about improving access to education and healthcare in the district. He recognizes that these are fundamental rights that every citizen deserves, regardless of their background or circumstances. As MP, he pledges to work tirelessly to ensure that Tororo County North has world-class schools, hospitals, and healthcare facilities that meet the needs of its people.

Balam’s candidacy represents a turning point in Tororo’s political landscape. His bold ideas and unwavering commitment to progress have galvanized support from across the district, cutting across age, gender, and political affiliation. While the road ahead may be challenging, Balam is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work for the people of Tororo County North.

As the 2026 elections draw nearer, all eyes are on Tororo as it prepares to choose its next representative in Parliament. Will the seasoned veteran Geoffrey Ekanya retain his seat, or will the energetic youth Omella Balam emerge victorious? One thing is certain – the future of Tororo County North has never looked more promising.

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