TAX ISSUES: Did URA Recover The Shs90 Billion Tax Liability From Seroma Limited?

URA is yet to come clear if Seroma Limited met the 7 day ultimatum to clear the outstanding UGX90b Tax arrears


KAMPALA, Uganda = SHIFT MEDIA  In a pivotal move that has sent shockwaves through the business community, the Uganda Revenue Authority  (URA) has taken a firm stance against tax non-compliance by issuing a stern ultimatum to Seroma Limited. In a March 7 2023 ultimatum that is making rounds in social media, Seroma was been given a seven-day deadline to settle its outstanding tax liability amounting to a staggering UGX 90 billion.

Seroma Limited are dealers in Cement, and hardware materials is owned by Lt. Col Robert Sekidde, the Founder and Chairman Board Seroma Christian High School located in Mukono.


The development comes amidst URA’s ongoing efforts to crack down on tax evasion and ensure that all businesses fulfill their civic duty of contributing to the country’s revenue generation. By holding Seroma Limited accountable for its tax obligations, URA is sending a clear message that compliance with tax laws is non-negotiable.

Its yet to be confirmed if the ultimatum that was signed by Stanley Kabyemera, the Manager Debt Collection was effectively paid.

Seroma Limited, a prominent player in the Ugandan business landscape, has been under scrutiny for alleged irregularities in its tax payments. The UGX90 billion tax liability represents a significant sum that the company owes to the government in accrued taxes over a certain period.


According to sources familiar with the matter, URA’s decision to escalate the issue and impose a strict deadline on Seroma Limited reflects the authority’s commitment to upholding tax justice and ensuring that all entities operate within the confines of the law. Failure to meet the deadline could result in severe consequences for the company, including legal action and potential sanctions.

The ultimatum issued by URA underscores the importance of tax compliance and the repercussions that businesses face when they fail to meet their tax obligations. In a country where public funds are crucial for supporting essential services and infrastructure development, ensuring that companies pay their fair share of taxes is paramount to sustain economic growth and social progress.

The case of Seroma Limited serves as a stark reminder to businesses across Uganda that tax evasion or avoidance will not be tolerated, and those found in violation of tax laws will face the full force of regulatory enforcement. By holding companies accountable for their tax liabilities, URA aims to create a level playing field where all businesses operate ethically and contribute equitably to the nation’s development.

Sources reveal that in response to the ultimatum from URA, Seroma Limited has reportedly been engaged in discussions with tax authorities to explore options for resolving the outstanding tax debt. The company’s management has expressed a willingness to cooperate with URA and work towards a viable solution that ensures compliance with tax regulations while safeguarding the company’s financial stability.

The outcome of these negotiations remains uncertain, especially now that recent tweets by URA management on X indicates the matter was resolved.

But for tax payers, who are keen on following their monies, regarding payment of the shs90 billion tax liability, the impending decision will not only have significant ramifications for the company but also serve as a test case for URA’s enforcement capabilities and its commitment to combating tax evasion.


As stakeholders await the resolution of this high-stakes tax dispute, the broader implications reverberate throughout Uganda’s business community, raising awareness about the importance of tax transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in corporate governance. The spotlight on Seroma Limited’s tax affairs highlights the critical role that businesses play in contributing to the country’s economic stability and sustainable development.


The ultimatum issued by URA to Seroma Limited underscores the authority’s unwavering dedication to upholding tax integrity and ensuring that all entities fulfill their tax obligations. The forthcoming decision on the resolution of the Shs90 billion tax liability will serve as a pivotal moment in Uganda’s tax landscape, signaling a new era of accountability and regulatory oversight in the pursuit of fiscal responsibility and economic fairness.

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