LAND ROW: Museveni Intervenes In Late Bishop Shalita Land Wrangle

ON SPOT: Michael Nuwagira Kaguta aka Toyota (left) is named in the land wrangles of the late Bishop Shalita land in Kiruhura



In a recent poignant response to a letter from Janet Rubadiri Shalita concerning the alleged land theft of their late father Bishop Shalita in Kiruhura, President Yoweri Museveni demonstrated his commitment to justice and fairness for all. The  President in a letter  dated February 19, 2024, that we have , detailed the harrowing ordeal faced by the family due to the purported actions of one of his relatives. The act  prompted a swift and resolute reply from the President Museveni.

The 45 year old land conflict involving the two families of the late Bishop Shalita and Christopher Kajundira (RIP) is not about to end despite it sucking in President Museveni and scores of security agencies, notwithstanding that the Shalita family has won more than 7 court cases regarding the land, including in the Court of Appeal.

The latest we can reveal is that President Museveni’s response was characterized by a tone of warning and assurance. He unequivocally cautioned his relatives (Michael Nuwugira Kaguta aka Toyota) against any form of harassment towards civilians, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rule of law and respect for the rights of all individuals. This was after the Shalita family complained to President Museveni that Toyota was behind the attack on their land and that he has his cows on the land.  In his written reply to the Shalita family, Museveni categorically stated that he will not allow his relatives to commit illegal activities.

The President’s firm stance on this matter underscores his dedication to ensuring that no one is above the law, regardless of their familial ties or position in society.

President Museveni’s latest intervention comes on the heels of his directive in his letter dated 8th November 2023 in which he was directing the then IGP (John Martins Okoth Ochola)


to evict the Kajundira family and take action against all their accomplices. But in a rare twist of events, President Museveni we are reliably informed, suspended the eviction after his younger brother, a party interested in the land, Michael Nuwagira Kaguta met the President and pleaded that evictions be stayed until he listens to some elders.

Contradicting CDF Report

In a letter dated 21 December 2024 (REF; UPDF/CDF/614/Q), penned by the former Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen. Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, (that we obtained), Mbadi told H.E the president and Commander-in Chief, his findings/ He was referring to the November 8th, 2023 letter by President Museveni to the IGP to evict the trespassers (The Kajundira family) off the Late Bishop Shalita’s land. The CDF was also responding to the President’s directive penned in that letter to have disciplinary actions taken against Police and Army Officers who facilitated the illegal re-occupation of the land.

The Confidential Report filed by former CDF Gen Wilson Mbadi

In his letter, Gen Mbadi notes that the land dispute was originally on boundary demarcation in the 1960s, between the bonafide owners, the late Bishop Shalita and Christopher Kajundira (RIP).

Gen Mbadi also tells the president that allegations that the Kajundira family have illegal guns are false, and intended to disorientate security agencies and cause mayhem.

However, a brief reflection of the numerous court notes and rulings points to Gen. Mbadi attempts to manufacture new facts not pleaded in the case of Shalita and Kajundira (Gen Mbadi notes that the land dispute was originally on boundary demarcation in the 1960s, between the bonafide owners, Bishop Shalita and Mr. Kajundira). We do recall that in 2018 Gen Wilson Mbadi, then serving as Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, having replaced Lt Gen Charles Angina supervised the eviction of the Kajundira’s who had illegally and brutally invaded the Bishop Shalita’s famrfrom the disputed land. The above notwithstanding, considering the highly placed personalities involved in the land grab, it is suspicious Gen Mbadi  could have been pressed to make a report that tries to cover up the embattled Maj. Muhoozi. It is also unlikely, that the jovial Gen could have forgotten the truth and facts so fast, so as to write a far fetched and uncoordinated report.

The CMI Report

We have Copy of a recent report purportedly written by Gen Wilson Mbadi which leaves so much unexplained, it creates more questions than answers, and we also have on file the original CMI report as reported in our previous publication below.

The second report which is addressing similar issues concerning the family of Bishop Shalita and relatives and Kajundira family contradicts the first one and makes an attempt to exonerate the Kajundiras. This too contradicts the numerous verdicts of court that we have seen, including a recent Court of Appeal ruling which finds Muhoozi Kajundira and his brother Mutungi Charles who are the heads of the Kajundira family guilty of contempt of court and were ordered to pay shs10 million and legal costs of UGX 108 Million.

The Court of Appeal also ruled that the titles that the Kajundiras processed over the land were obtained illegally in contempt of court.

In September 2022, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) following a complaint from the Bishop Shalita family did carry out some investigations regarding this land matter. The findings (REF CLS/C12) addressed to the CDF signed by Brig General Busingye, the Chief of  Legal Services in the UPDF, revealed that the land measuring approximately 565 Hectares on Plot 12 Block 90 situated at Kyera Kimomo Rugaga in Kikatsi Sub Countru, Kiruhura District belongs to the late Bishop Shalita. The investigations revealed that so far all judgements have been made in favor of the late Bishop Shalita.

The CMI findings revealed that on 5th April 2022, a one Maj Muhoozi, then Commanding Officer 51 Infantry Battalion, and son to the late Christopher Kajundira joined in support of the other family members forcefully invade and attacked the family of the late Bishop Shalita.

Brig Busingye noted that Maj Muhoozi went ahead and deployed his escorts to guard his mother, house and other family members. That his escort, a one Pte Akankwasa Rogers attacked and seriously injured a one Busore Sam, a herdsman of the late Bishop Shalita, before going into hiding at the infantry battalion. The report notes that later RA/268218 Pte Turyatunga Johnson was deployed, who is currently on ground.

The report also observed that Major Muhoozi also went ahead and deployed other soldiers on ground who engaged in fights with the workers of the late Bishop Shalita.

The Chief of Legal Services (CLS) noted that the acts of the Kajundira family was a contempt of court .He also said the continued presence of military personnel on the disputed land will attract vicarious liability to the UPDF and tarnish the reputation of the Defence Forces.

What now comes around is which report to take as a bitter truth, the earlier one done by the Chief of Legal Services, or the later one done by Gen Wilson Mbadi which appears to be designed merely to defend a colleague in arms.

The Latest On Ground

 We can report with authority that despite receiving the letter from the former CDF, Gen Wilson Mbadi, President Museveni seemed not convinced.


“I have received your letter of 21st December, 2023, regarding the Shalita Kajundira land. I have deployed Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sussanne Kasingye, a lawyer herself to scrutinize this case for me and report. I will, thereafter call the two families after the Tarehe Sita functions.

Alternative Truth 

The Kajundira team has engaged an uncompromising team that has vowed to fight until they overturn the legal and right position of the Shalita Kajundira conflict, the team is working around the clock to create alternative truth to the known truth which is based on verdicts of court.

They hope to hoodwink the president and divert him from his course of action.

In their current multitasking effort to twist around the legal status of Shalita Kajundira matter; while their highly placed relationship to H.E is working hard to convince H.E that Kajundira’s case was not well managed in court, their other team went to Court  of Appeal to have the court verdicts that criminalised them to be overturned.

Court of Appeal however, to the contrary found Mutungi and Muhoozi to have lied to court and dismissed their appeal with costs to the Shalitas.

In their further relentless efforts to turn the matter around, another of the Kajundiras team spearheaded by the indomitable Toyota Kaguta, enhanced strategic relations with the Commissioner Ministry of lands, in order for him not to cancel their fake titles, that the courts have declared null and void.

In a detailed letter to H.E, now in our possession, The Shalita family have complained that the Commissioner, Baker Mugaino is indecently close with the Kagutas as seen in the photo above and that is the reason why he has refused to follow the court orders, and the Minister for lands order to have the titles cancelled. 


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