JUSTICE: Former Workers of Uganda Cement Industries Tororo Petition Speaker for Compensation

ON SPOT: Uganda Cement Industries accused of sacking workers and not paying them


A group of former employees of Uganda Cement Industries Tororo has filed a petition to the Right Honorable Speaker of Uganda, Anita Annet Among, seeking compensation for their dismissal from the company. Led by Mr. Opendi Fred, Mr. Othieno Goefrey, Mr. Okoth Columbus, Mr. Ngire Wilson Okoth, and Mr. Ongwen Yorakam, these individuals were terminated from their positions and are now demanding a total compensation of UGX 42,600,000.



Uganda Cement Industries Tororo has been a significant player in the country’s cement industry, contributing to infrastructure development and economic growth. However, recent developments have led to the termination of employment for several workers, citing various reasons ranging from restructuring to performance issues.

 The Petition:

The petition, submitted to the Speaker of Parliament, outlines the grievances of the former employees who claim wrongful dismissal from their positions at Uganda Cement Industries Tororo. Mr. Opendi Fred, representing the group, emphasized the unjust nature of their termination and the adverse impact it has had on their livelihoods.

Fred Opendi, one of the lead petitions, formerly a steel fixer said: “I had worked in UCI for over 13 years until 2017 when we were fixing the crane and it gave way, three of our colleagues died, me I sustained serious eye injuries, and now can’t see, after that we were all sacked.” Opendi noted that their demand for justice has been through “thick and thin”

Demand for Compensation:

According to the petition, the former workers are seeking compensation totaling UGX 42,600,000 to mitigate the financial hardships they have faced since losing their jobs in 2017. This amount is intended to cover lost wages, benefits, and other damages resulting from their abrupt dismissal from the company falling an accident, that left three others dead.

Allegations of Unfair Treatment:

The petition also highlights allegations of unfair treatment and lack of due process in the termination process. Mr. Othieno Goefrey, one of the petitioners, stated that they were not given proper notice or opportunity to address any concerns raised by the company before being sacked.

“We have gone through hell, we were not notified prior to our sacking, we have families to fend too, we have spent a lot moving up and down, the labor officer in Tororo has not been supportive to us, we need our compensation,”  he said.


Call for Justice:

In their plea to the Speaker of Parliament, the former workers are calling for a thorough investigation into their case and are urging for justice to be served. They emphasize the need for accountability and transparency in employment practices within Uganda Cement Industries Tororo and other companies across the country.

Support from Civil Society:

The petition has garnered support from various civil society organizations and labor unions, who have expressed solidarity with the former employees in their quest for justice. They have called upon the relevant authorities to intervene and ensure that the rights of workers are protected and upheld.

Mr Oketcho George, the Chief Executive Officer Wolves Security and an aspiring Member of Parliament for West Budama South in Tororo where the victims hail from has promised to ensure that justice is met. “These men have been moving between Tororo to Kampala since 2017, that is a lot of money wasted, time and energy. They are now stuck. Issues of investors sacking workers with impunity must stop, said Oketcho.

He said as a resident of West Budama South where the victims come from, and where Tororo Cement Industries is located, he will follow up with all relevant authorities including the Ministry of Gender and Labour to ensure the victims get their compensation.

Response from Uganda Cement Industries Tororo

Uganda Cement Industries Tororo has yet to publicly respond to the allegations raised by the former employees. However, the company is expected to address the matter and provide clarification on the circumstances surrounding the termination of the workers.

The petition filed by the former workers of Uganda Cement Industries Tororo underscores the importance of upholding labor rights and ensuring fair treatment of employees in the workplace. As the case unfolds, all eyes will be on the Speaker of Parliament and other relevant authorities to take appropriate action and deliver justice to the aggrieved individuals.

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