BUSTED: A Convict Who Paid Prison Warders Shs2m To Secure His Jail Release Re-Arrested

Boda boda thefts

There has been a rise in boda boda thefts across the country PHOTO/UGNEWS

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TORORO, Uganda [SHIFTMEDIA] A convict who reportedly paid shs 2million to secure his jail escape from Morukatipe prison in Tororo has been re-arrested.


Way back in 2022, William Okado a resident of Chukuluki village in Kisoko sub county approached a one Olowo Martin, also a resident of the same area, and boda boda rider. He requested to self-ride the boda to town in Tororo. Being a village mate, Olowo had no objection. Little did he know that it was the last time he was set to see his Bajaj Boxer motor bike registration No. UET538M.

After several months of waiting and hunting for William Okado, he was subsequently arrested, and he admitted that he had sold the bike in Mbale, a town in eastern Uganda.

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Police did its investigations, and eventually on December 15 2022, Okado William appeared before the Chief Magistrates Court in Tororo where he was charged with theft and sentenced to five and a half years in prison. He was remanded to Morukatipe Prisons in Tororo.

Bribery allegations arise

After barely three months in prison, Okado resurfaced back in his village in Kisoko, about a week ago. He began spreading news how powerful he is, how he managed to pay his release out of prison. Though his family was joyous that their son was back, the complainant Olowo, whose bike he bought after hustling to take care of his family was no more begun to raise complaints.

According to Olowo, Okado was boasting how he paid Uganda Prison Service Authorities shs2 million to secure his release. This allegation is yet to be proved.

Prison Authorities Alerted

When we alerted the OC Prisons Morukatipe Superintendent of Prisons (SP) Joseph Nsobya, he actually wasn’t in the know. He quickly made ground check and indeed confirmed that the convict was missing in the cells. ‘I inquired how the convict was missing from my in-charge reception, Naturinda, and I was told Okada had duly served his sentence and was released,’ said Nsobya when contacted.

The aspect of bribing his way after paying shs2million is something that is still being investigated. It can only be alleged for now basing on what Okada told his village mates in Kisoko

Commissioner General of Prisons Ways In

We went a step further and contacted the Commissioner General of prisons (CGP) Canon Dr. Johnson Byabashaijja who also said he wasn’t aware of such anomalies. ‘I am not in the know.’ If it is true then, ‘He made a mistake to talk, he will be brought back,’ said Byabashaijja on Wednesday night.

Engagements Deepens

After engaging with the CGP, we approached the OC Prisons Morukatipe again, this time armed with further details. The details included ground spot checks in Kisoko were Okado was jubilating about his release.

CGP Dr Johnson Byabashaijja

SP Nsobya told us that his in-charge reception had told him Okado was sentenced for only 5 months, a sentence he had duly completed and was free to be sent home.

Using our investigative skills, we disproved SP Nsobya telling him the judgement in our possession was clear, Okado was sentenced to five and a half years, and not five months.

Re-Arrest Or Face Arrest

Apparently our intelligence source revealed to us that all efforts were being made from the Uganda Prisons Headquarters in Kampala to have the OC Prisons Morukatipe arrested and charged for negligent of duty.  However, before that would be executed, the OC personally made an initiative, went to Kisoko and re- arrested Okada today (Thursday April 20) morning. Okada as we report is back in the cells at Morukatipe Prisons in Tororo.

Our next task is to ascertain how the sentence charge sheet was changed from five and half years to five months, and how much exchanged hands, and who were the persons in Morukatipe behind this.

Let’s fight impunity in Uganda.


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