BUSTED: Police Arrests Boda Boda Criminal Gang In Lango Sub Region

Boda boda thefts

There has been a rise in boda boda thefts across the country PHOTO/UGNEWS


KYOGA, Uganda[SHIFTMEDIA NEWS] The police in Lango Sub Region has busted a criminal gang that had specialised in stealing boda boda in the country.

The Territorial Police in North Kyoga carried out an intelligence led operation in Lira, Kwania and Apac and cracked down the organized criminal gang.

The gang, according to the  Uganda Police  had agents and collaborators in almost every part of the country, who would identify newly bought motorcycles and plan for its robbery.  The stolen motorcycles are sold in South Sudan, DRC and Kenya.

Addressing the media in Kampala, the Police Spokesperson  Fred Enanga  said the task team started its operations with the arrest of Okori Mondri, a 28-year-old, bodaboda rider of Adagaya cell, Abedi ward, Apac T/C, Apac district.


”He was tracked down and arrested from Inomo sub-county in Kwania district, while in possession of a suspected stolen motorcycle under registration number UEU 548Q, Bajaj Boxer, red in colour.  At the time of his arrest, he had just returned from Soroti district.  His arrest led to the recovery of 10 more suspected stolen motorcycles, 5 of which were recovered from his premises and an additional 5, from his accomplices in the districts of Kwania and Apac respectively.’ said Enanga.


Enanga said that so far four suspects who form part of the criminal gang have been arrested.  These include; Okori Modri, Okello Dan, a 30-year-old, male adult and resident of Bar Opok cell, Apac Town council; Olwa Benson, a 32-year-old, bodaboda rider of Abor village in Apac district and Opolo Dan a 22-year-old boda boda rider of Ongica village, Inomo sub county, in Kwania district.

‘A serious manhunt for two ring leaders of the gang is ongoing.  Those include; Okidi, Denis who is the gang leader in N/Kyoga region and Akaki Sam both residents of Apar village is the over all commander of the gang in East Kyoga, Sipi and Elgon region.  We have also interested ourselves on a racket that has been helping them forge log books and also other chassis and engine number, from Lira city,’ noted Enanga.


The recovered motorcycles all Bajaj Boxers, red in color are as follow; UEZ 253U, UEU 355U, UEU 584Q, UEE 337H, UEO 103Y, UEE 936K, UEW 918H,KMFJ – 433W(stolen from Kapchorwa district), UEK 300S, UFG 610P, UFD 233U (Original no UFJ 230U), stolen from Aduku Town, Kwania district. Also recovered were 6 number plates which include; UEW293D, UER 258Y, UEP 293V, UFD 715N, UEE 895D, UEU 978D.  All the engine numbers, chassis number and recovered number plates have been submitted to the URA for verification and details of ownership.

The majority of the recovered motor cycles were stolen from the districts of Soroti, Kapchorwa, Mbale and Kaberamaido and sold in the districts of Kwania and Apac.  While those that were stolen from Lango sub region, were sold in Soroti, Mbale and Kapchorwa.


”The arrests of the criminal racket, demonstrates our collective resolve as the Joint Security Agencies to rid the boda boda industry, of acts of violence, impunity and lawlessness by such criminal elements,” he said.


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