Volkswagen Unveils Its Caddy California Camper Van With Bed And Kitchen

|SHIFTMEDIA NEWS|Volkswagen has unveiled the new Caddy California, a modular camper van with a a bed, kitchen, and tent.

  • Volkswagen has unveiled the Caddy California, a daily driver camper van that can sleep up to four people.
  • This new release is the fifth iteration in the Caddy family and third camper in the California camper line.
  • The Caddy California has a modular set up with an interior folding bed, pull-out rear kitchen box, and tent.

The German automaker has long been a player in the camper van industry. The new Caddy California is the fifth iteration in the Caddy family and the third California camper model in the line that already includes the Grand California and T6.1 California.

But unlike the other two California models, the Caddy-based motor home was built to be a “compact camper,” according to its maker.

Volkswagen isn’t the only mainstream automaker to have a stake in the increasingly popular tiny homes on wheels business. For example, Ford has its own Nugget and Big Nugget: two campers built inside of a Ford Transit cargo van. And most recently, Jeep reiterated its role in the tiny homes on wheels segment by unveiling a concept 2021 Gladiator pickup truck with a rooftop tent and overlanding RV amenities.

Despite carrying the name of a US state, the California will only be available in the EU.

Keep scrolling to see inside the Caddy California:

The 14.77-foot long iteration of the Caddy California will be officially launched in Europe by the end of 2020, although a long-wheelbase version at 15.92 is set to be unveiled next year.

The Volkswagen Caddy California. Volkswagen

According to Volkswagen, the new Caddy California uses a modular setup to fit the bed, storage units, and kitchen.

The Volkswagen Caddy California on a camping trip. Volkswagen

The back of the camper has a fold-out bed that is similar in “comfort level” to the beds found in the Grand California and T6.1 California, according to Volkswagen

This primary sleeping space is topped by springs and a mattress.

When the bed — which can sleep two people — isn’t in use, it can be folded into a third of its size and stored above the trunk space

Because the sleeping space folds out and stands on its own legs, the passenger row of seats can be removed for more cargo storage space.

For meals on the road or at a campsite, the Caddy California comes equipped with an optional two-part kitchen that extends out the back of the vehicle.

The top half of the kitchen unit has a gas cooktop with a shelf and wind block, while the bottom has storage for cutlery and utensils.

It’s also equipped with a vented and locked box, as well as a gas container that supplies the cooktop.

The Volkswagen Caddy California. Volkswagen

The kitchen can only be used when the trunk lid is lifted, allowing the lid to double as a rain cover while cooking.

Besides this kitchen, the Caddy California can also optionally come with a panoramic 15.07-square foot glass roof inside the camper.

The camper’s rear side windows come with storage bags — which doubles as curtains — that can hold up to 11.02 pounds.

Unlike the rear side windows, natural light from the front and rear windows can be blocked by using magnetic curtains.

When the curtains are down or when it’s dark outside, the interior of the Caddy California can be illuminated using its dimmable LED lights.

The camper also comes with two chairs and a table, all of which can be tucked away in its designated bag and stored underneath the bed.

For the true camping experience, the Caddy California also comes with a tent that can be used separately from the vehicle or used as an extra sleeping space for two additional people.

The optionally all-wheel-drive vehicle also comes with Volkswagen’s Travel Assist, which allows for semi-automated assisted driving.

The camper can be used in conjunction with the “California on Tour” smartphone app, which lists campsites, camping companies, and places to dispose of water and waste.

The Volkswagen Caddy California on a camping trip. Volkswagen

Source: Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge

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