FACE OFF: Uganda Coffee Boss, Dr. Iyamulemye On Spot Over Shs1.3b Seedlings Money

FACE OFF Secretary to Treasury Ramathan Ggoobi above is demanding for accountability from Dr, Iyamulemye below


KAMPALA, Uganda[SHIFTMEDIA NEWS] The woes of the embattled Uganda Coffee Development Authority  (UCDA) boss Dr. Emmanuel Iyamulemye Niyibigira seems far from over.

Yesterday we broke the story of he faces arrest for contempt of court READ: https://shiftmedianews.com/summoned-coffee-development-authority-boss-iyamulemye-faces-arrest-over-a-civil-suit/

Now before he reports to the Civil Division of the High Court on March 15 2022, our intelligence sources attached to Directorate of Criminal Intelligence and Investigations under the headship of the new CIID Boss Tom Magambo have revealed that the UCDA Boss is being investigated for alleged swindling, or call it miss use of UGX 1.3 billion meant for Coffee seedlings for farmers countrywide.

Those who know Tom Magambo, can tell that when at the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) he was key in carrying out serious investigations that saw many committed to court and prosecuted.

Why is Dr. Iyamulemye being probed?

On November 26 2021, the Secretary to Treasury and Permanent Secretary in the https://Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development , Ramathan Ggoobi wrote to the Accounting officer (UCDA), Dr Iyamulemye complaining of “Unsatisfactory” use of public funds.

His outburst followed the report by the Internal Auditor General for the year ended June 2021. Using the powers within the law, Uganda Public Finance Management Act 2015 under the Finance Management Act 2015 Section 48 (8), which states: The Secretary to the Treasury shall cause to be prepared, within three months after the end of a financial year, an annual consolidated internal audit report of all the votes, Ramathan Ggoobi demanded that the UCDA Boss explains how the funds were utilized.

“Following the Audit of your vote by Internal Audit in Financial Year 2020/21, and a review and consolidation of audit reports by Internal Auditor General in accordance with Section 47 (2) (c), your entity is rated as “Unsatisfactory,” noted Ramathan Ggoobi in the missive to Iyamulemye that we obtained.

Issues arising

Ramathan Ggoobi noted further: “In line with the mandate of the Secretary to the Treasury as provided for in the Public Finance Management Act, 2015 Section 11(3) (b), I am accordingly asking you to respond to all issues raised in the consolidated annual report as per extract of the report attached with clear action plan to implement the recommendation. Your report should be received no later than 27th December, 2021.”

The major issues of the vote include;

  1. Unaccounted for funds advanced to staff totaling UGX 77.6 Million
  2. Procurement of (11) initiated but not completed in Financial Year 2019/20 worth UGX 14.9 billion
  3. Staff appointed without Certified Academic Documents
  4. Over commitment on Procurement of CWDR Planties (Coffee seedlings) worth UGX 1.38 billion

What lies ahead

Neither Dr. Iyamulemye nor the Secretary to Treasury Ramathan Ggoobi would acknowledge whether the report was dispatched and received respectively. But if the report wasn’t, as we assume, what lies ahead?

According to Section 79 (Offences) A person commits an offence if that person, without lawful authority under this Act or any other Act— (a) without reasonable excuse, fails to provide by the due date, any information to the Secretary to the Treasury.

“If you fail to provide the information to me as required, I may recommend the penalties and surcharge against you as provided for in Section 80 of the same Act in addition to other administrative sanctions,” warned the tough Secretary to Treasury.

Ramathan Ggoobi instructed the Internal Auditor to follow the matter and keep him informed, he also copied the Inspector General of Government (IGG), the Accountant General, Auditor General, Internal Auditor General and the Director Criminal Investigations.







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