END OF AN ERA: Former Mossad Chief Warns Israel Democracy Set For Ruins

Anti-judicial overhaul demonstrators protest against the judicial overhaul in Haifa. July 20, 2023. (PHOTOCREDIT/ JERUSALEM POST


TEL AVIV Israel [SHIFTMEDIANEWS]  Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo warned that the current government will be “the last democratic government in Israel” if the reasonableness standard bill is passed, during a press conference in front of the High Court of Justice on Thursday.

“In two or three days, we will be able to crown Israel as a former democracy. The law that is now being proposed to abolish the reasonableness standard constitutes the end of democracy, and allows the International Criminal Court in The Hague to investigate and prosecute IDF soldiers,” warned Pardo. “We will be similar to Iran and Hungary – ostensibly a democracy, in practice a dictatorship.”

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The former Mossad chief stressed that after passing the reform, any government will be able to do whatever it wants, presenting examples including the possibility of running public transportation through Bnei Brak on Yom Kippur, claiming that the government will act to prevent fair elections. “No government in the world that creates such a law will allow another government to step in its shoes,” warned Pardo.

Protesters prepare ‘Night of Resistance’ as judicial reform moves forward

Meanwhile, Jerusalem Post reports that Anti-judicial reform protesters are preparing a “Night of Resistance” with demonstrations planned throughout Israel on Thursday night, after the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved the reasonableness standard bill for its final readings on Wednesday night.

“Friends – we are at the moment of truth. The next four days are crucial. Each of you can create pressure and stop the move that begins the Polish salami tactic. The first brick in the wall of democracy,” said the Restart Israel protest movement on Thursday.

“Each and every person can create pressure, each and every one according to their abilities – whether by way of the feet by appearing at the demonstrations tonight on the night of the resistance, by marching to Jerusalem, by writing an article, by placing pressure on the employers to announce that they are on strike (starting Sunday) or by any other activity of resistance,” added Restart Israel. “The only request is – do it. fight In the end, we will win.”


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