VERDICT: Fate Of Mafia Gang Behind Grabbing Of Late Bishop Shalita’s Land In Offing

A state House Official (R) chats with some of the late Bishop Shalita relatives during the December tribunal

By Our Reporter
KAMPALA, Uganda[SHIFTMEDIA]  The family and relatives of Bishop Kosiya Shalita (RIP) are locked into an involuntary fracas calumniating into both legal and Mafia scheme wars unleashed onto them by the family of the late Christopher Kajundira, who on 23/03/2022, violently commandeered Bishop Kosiya Shalita land and have since installed a terror, brutal command center on the ground to scare away the Family and relatives of the late Bishop Kosiya Shalita living on the land at Ekimomo.
The Bishop Shalita family and relatives are now pushing for cancellation of 4 illegal titles created on their land with the help of dubious Kiruhura District land Board members.
Through their lawyers, members of Bishop Shalita’s family claim that the four titles were illegally obtained .
The disputed suit land comprised in FRV MBR 185 Folio12 Block 90, Plots 42,43,44 and 45 land at Omukyeera,Kimomo,Kayonza ,Kitatsi sub county, Nyabushozi ,Kiruhura District
“ We reiterate our contention as stated in our letter of 8th December 2022,that the above 4 titles ,FRV MBR1285 .Folio12 Block 90,Plots 42,43,44 and 45, land at Kimomo  were wrongly and or illegally issued,” a letter dated January 4 issued by Kampala Associated Advocates, reads in part .
“It is our submission that the land titles were issued illegally and in error since the respondents were neither customary occupants of the land nor did they have occupation of the land. On this basis alone the titles should be cancelled,” the letter adds
 Two Successive public hearings under the auspice of the Commissioner of Land Registration in the office of the Ministry of Lands, heard that Ms Sandra Ndyomugenyi who works as a Legal aid in State House together with Nzaire Nuwomugisha Sedrack often introducing himself as “Kaguta” usually to evoke his relationship with President  Museveni to intimidate the family of late Shalita .
On Spot Sandra Nyomugyenyi
But in the letter, the lawyers said in their follow-up with President Museveni, were assured in an official release by Kiconco SLS that there was no away members of  Kajundira family can be allowed by the President to occupy  the said land against existing court orders. This was followed by a letter written by Sandra Ndyomugyenyi   (Before she joined the mafia associates) emphasizing HE the President’s position and directed that the Kajundira ‘s be evicted. This order was undermined by “invisible” mafia authorities operating in the Corridors of power.
“The President subsequently directed that State House Anti-Corruption Unit investigates the people who were trying to overturn the law and grab this land.
“Similarly , while interpreting the various Court rulings on record,  the Attorney General in his letter of 5th August 2022 advises that the land belongs to the family and relatives of Bishop Shalita and that the government officials who were trying to assist the Kajundiras were acting illegally and must bear personal liability ”
Bishop  Shalita was the bishop of the Church of Uganda (Anglican) Diocese of Ankole, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga Zaire.
Before his deaths in 1995, Bishop Shalita had won the 30 year court case that culminated into Kajundira’s eviction in 1997.  His family and relatives who were living on the land continued living on the land peacefully until the eruption of the March 2022 Kajundiras fracas.


In March  2022 , the family of Kajundira with the help of Maj. Muhoozi Kajundira took possession of  the disputed land.
The 51st battalion commander used his office to deploy guards who tormented, tortured and maimed scores of persons living on the said land.
He later went to court and filed an appeal case  to overturn an earlier verdict of the High Court that had  evicted the family members in preparation of getting the four land titles .However ,the High Court dismissed his application.
Maj Godfrey Muhoozi (wearing Jacket) the UPDF officer accused of invading the land belonging to the late Bishop Shalita next to him is Namanya Michael Rutendereza grandson to the late Christopher Kajundira.
The court also fined Muhoozi and his brother,  Mutungi Kajundira shs10m each for contempt of court.
Similarly, court also convicted the acting Resident District Commissioner and district police commander for Kiruhura District and fined them Shs108m each for aiding the duo. Despite the existing court orders restraining the  Kajundira family from accessing the disputed land ,the family members went ahead and obtained titles on the already existing plot belonging to late Bishop Shalita ’s family .

Verdict Set

During the second Public Hearing held at the Ministry of Lands on January 9 2023, the jury set January 31as the date for release of final verdict on the matter.
But in a surprise twist of events, the Kiruhura  District Land Board in a rare, and rather bazzre move held a special session at the district headquarters trying to push for the retainment of the “Illegal titles. The move is seen by many as a blind folder to the already planned move to have the illegal titles cancelled.

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