UNEARTHED: Why You Tube Deleted Prof. Ogwang’s Covidex Video- Ask Ebola Discoverer Dr. Muyembe

The works of such professors like Patrick Ogwang need to be scaled up


SHIFT MEDIA- Controversy still shrouds the circumstances under which YouTube deleted the video of Prof. Patrick Ogwang, the inventor of Coronavirus treatment herb COVIDEX.

Though YouTube management said that the video breaches World Health Organisation (WHO) “Medical Policy violation” new answers are beginning to emerge.

Prof Ogwang’s interview posted explaining how the COVIDEX works had attracted hundreds of views in a few hours before it was pulled off the platform.

Titled “How to use COVIDEX” the show that premiered on Capital FMs Desert Island disc on Sunday instructed users how to administer the COVIDEX herb.


Above. Prof Ogwang during the interview with Simon Kasyate of Capital FM Desert Island Disc.
Inset Ogwang and the herbal drug Covidex
Monitor Photo

YouTube in their justification for pulling down the post said their action was intended to stop the circulation of ‘misinformation of topics related to COVID-19 and medicines in that regard.’

The company also observed that Prof Ogwang’s assertions contradict the World Health Organization standards.

“Our team reviewed your content, and unfortunately we think it violates our medical misinformation policy,” YouTube said, in a statement.

“We know that this might be disappointing, but it’s important to us that YouTube remains a safe place for all. If the content breaks our rules, we remove it” the company added.

The COVIDEX herbal drug invented by Prof Ogwang was cleared by the National Drug Authority days (NDA) ago and has since remained a popular word-on-mouth amongst the public due to its effectiveness.

The pulling down of Ogwang’s video also comes on the heels of the ‘media ban’ on all interviews by the researcher.

Ogwang who was becoming popular of late had his show on NTV interrupted on Monday and another planned interview on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze cancelled at the last minute after his aide said he was stopped from speaking to the press.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Ogwang’s mention of Covidex prices (not to be sold above shs10,000-12,000) would have irked the ‘mafia gangs’ (business cartels) interested in hoarding and making a quick kill from the wonder herbal drug.

Double standards

Experts in science research have come out to described the act of YouTube as ‘outrageous’

“YouTube explained that it doesn’t allow content that spreads medical misinformation which contradicts World Health Organisation (WHO) medical information about Covid 19. “

“WHO-recommended against the use of Remdesivir in Covid 19 patients (https://youtub.be/F4P8bkXQuHk) , but do we still see videos of Remdesivir as a treatment for Covid 19 allowed on YouTube? (https://youtu.be/OiewPrhasaQ0 ” asked the Ugandan researcher based in the US.

According to the leading Ugandan researcher, who preferred to remain anonymous, YouTube didn’t remove Prof. Ogwang’s video because of WHO’s position, but for reasons such as that of the Congo’s doctor Dr. Muyembe who discovered Ebola but never got credit for it.


The case of Ebola discoverer

Dr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe first encountered Ebola in 1976, before it had been identified. Since then, from his post at the Congo National Institute for Biomedical Research, he has led the global search for a cure.

Today when you google ‘who discovered Ebola?’ you get a bunch of names, all-white Western males. Dr. Jean Jacques Muyembe has been written out of history.

The man who gets the bulk of the credit for discovering Ebola is Dr. Peter Piot. He was a young microbiologist at the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Belgium. He is the one who received the blood samples that was sent by Dr. Muyembe from DRC.

Muyembe describes his experience in the Book ‘No Time to Lose’. In the book, he describes how vials of blood had arrived in melting ice, some of them broken.

“It is time for the world to learn that Ebola was discovered by a Congolese,” he told npr.org.

Muyembe who keeps his office ice-cold said, what makes his glow is the fact that he developed treatment for Ebola patients.

“I made the first effective treatment for Ebola that saved 70% of the patients. If only this idea was accepted by scientists, we (could have) saved a lot of people,” he told the Science Journal.

Muyembe’s biggest legacy, he says, won’t be that he discovered Ebola or cure for it, but if another Congolese scientist finds an interesting blood sample, he will be able to investigate it in Congo.

These are the same statements that Prof. Ogwang, the inventor of Covidex said. He noted that he is now getting calls from across the globe for partnership and for Covidex.

But he notes that much as his discovery may be received with mixed perceptions worldwide, what he has is locally procured, including the raw materials that he says can supply the entire world in 10 years.


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