Uganda’s Parasitology Professor Goes Into Books Publication

Prof Odongo Aginya Igwaro

Prof Odongo Igwaro Aginya inset and some of his recent publications


GULU, [SHIFTMEDIA] His beginning was humble, a born of Lukwor village, Lalogi sub-county, in Omoro district, Prof. Emmanuel Igwaro Odongo Aginya has interesting tales to tell.

Though his background is science, with a PhD in Immune Parasitology from Makerere University, a Master’s Degree in Parasitology from the University of London; School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences from Makerere, Aginya has evolved into fictional writing.

Born to Enriko Igwaro and Juliet Oyella, Odongo Aginya, a father of five-three girls and two boys, has so far published 67 scientific papers in peer review journals.

The medical researcher, a former student of Opit Catholic Primary School St Mary Junior Anaka, and St Josephs College Layibi first published The Devout Woman ’ as his first novel in 2010. The Devout Woman published by the US based Author House seeks to evaluate between the traditional and Christian beliefs.

Prof Aginya notes in ‘The Devout Woman’ that the Women, especially the Acholi of northern Uganda, had always been free since the symbiotic relationships between Christianity and African Traditional worship.

The Devout Woman
The Devout Woman by Prof. Odongo Aginya

The book also dispels the notion that African women were saddled with the task of having dozens of children instead of either one or two children.

If you are open minded, and progressive, whether religious or not, pick up ‘The Devout Woman’ and read.

This book is a testimony to the freedom women the world over, who are devoted to their spouses or religious believes, have always had through the centuries despite men’s efforts at twisting the truth and attempting to suppress women’s rights in many cultures.

The Director Murdered

Prof Aginya, also known among science research as the man behind the patented Odongo Aginya method in parasitology also wrote the  “Director-Murdered’  published in 2018, and ‘What A Life’.

The Director Murdered, a detective novel is a great creative work which explores human intrigues that propels them to commit crime and try to cover their tracks so that they are not caught.

Emmanuel Odongo Aginya, currently the Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Gulu University cleverly blends suspense with romance in this art piece.

What A Life 

In yet another blockbuster publication, Odongo Aginya unearths another spectacular piece, ‘What A Life’, a remarkable fast moving tragic story of a young man, Peter Opiyo, who is dogged by misfortunes after a very successful career.

Opiyo’s career rose from a Graduate Teacher to a Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education during the military regime in Uganda.

What A Life
What A Life

The must read narrates how Opiyo’s father Robert was shot dead by robbers in Nairobi where he was working as a manager. As Opiyo’s buries his father in Gulu, thieves break into his house in Kampala that is sandwiched between two army generals and sweep it clean.

As he returns to Kampala after burial Opiyo gets involved in a nasty accident, that leaves him crippled and his wife, Rose is burnt to ashes after their car rolls several times before bursting into flames.



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