TRUTH: Why COVID-19 Vaccinations Should Be Suspended For Now


Analysts note the continued forced COVID-19 Testing at shs100,000 will hurt the economy further, especially the Toursim sector PHOTO MONTAGE/SMN



A leading Ugandan Scientist has authored a three page report indicating that the country is yet to attain the basic minimum vaccination coverage to guarantee a full return to normalcy.

Misaki Wayengera, the chairperson Ministry of Health Scientific Advisory Committee on Covid 19 signed the  three page document.

Questions are however beginning to emerge regarding what numbers are called the basic minimum, and what guarantees a full return to normalcy?

Perhaps the Ministry of Health would also consider it polite to inform the public of how many people are hospitalized due to COVID-19, and release statistics regarding how many deaths has been registered as a result of COVID-19 since July 2022.

When will the tax payers money be put to address the hard critical issues? especially after the United Nations Children Fund report revealed that at least 46,000 Ugandans under the age of 18 succumb to preventable diseases annually making Uganda one of the countries with the highest child deaths globally.

Inside Uganda’s Strategy To End Covid

The three page document signed by Misaki Wayengera, the Committee Chairperson, argues that Uganda has not yet attained the basic minimum vaccination coverage to guarantee a full return to normalcy.


The report thus notes: “The emergence of new sub- variants of the stealth (Covid-19) Omicron variants which are more transmissible and more evasive of vaccine -induced immunity, presents a dilemma for a country such as Uganda which has not yet attained the basic minimum coverage for the primary series.”


Natural Immunity Through infection Disregarded

But the big question here is, why are the  Ugandan scientists not factoring in the immunity from COVID-19 infection which is proven to last longer than that for, COVID-19 vaccines? We have seen the most COVID-19 vaccinated and boosted nations register the highest death rates. Even in the same countries, we see higher death rates in the same age groups when that age group gets more boosters.

Recent research indicated that at least 80% of people in Africa have antibodies for COVID-19 yet, in many countries, like Malawi where only 5% of the population are vaccinated, no high deaths due to the pandemic are registered.


This is an indicator that Natural immunity is winning without the help from Pfizer and the Big Pharma, if so, then why is Uganda ensuring that all are vaccinated, even after reports indicate that death rise due to blood clots from the vaccinated persons are on the rise.


Covid-19 Vaccine Administration Must Stop

After the untimely cardiac death of his father, Dr Aseem Malhotra, a consultant cardiologist and an internationally renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis and management of heart disease, who was one of the first to receive the double Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA vaccine in January 2021, started to thoroughly examine the real world data relating to mRNA vaccines. His examination culminated in a two-part paper titled ‘Curing the pandemic of misinformation on Covid-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine.’

Dr Aseem Malhotra

The paper reveals glaring holes in the pivotal Pfizer mRNA trials and findings drawn from available pharmacovigilance data (as well as the absence of robust safety data), which led Dr Malhotra to describe the mRNA vaccine roll-out into the entire population as “a reckless gamble, at best”. Endorsed by many leading medical professionals, the paper emphasizes that conversations in which the difference between the absolute and relative risk reduction afforded by the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines was explained to patients (a mere 0.84%, as suggested by the Pfizer mRNA trial) simply did not happen, not to mention the “known, unknown and as yet to be fully quantified harms”. Published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, the paper has led to calls for the suspension of all Covid-19 vaccines. – Nadya Swart


Research has proven that there is no colleration between high vaccination rates and less COVID-19 death rates.

A leading consultant cardiologist who was one of the first people in the UK to take two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and promote them on television has called for an end to all remaining vaccine mandates.

Dr Aseem Malhotra has written an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden calling for the immediate release of the raw data from Pfizer’s original Covid-19 vaccine trial.

Speaking exclusively to GB News’ Mark Steyn show, Dr Malhotra said: “When the vaccines were first released we were told they were 95% effective against infection.

“This is not true. This is based on relative risk reduction. In absolute terms, they provided 0.84 percent protection which means only one in 119 people would be protected from infection.

Africa Reached The Pandemic’s holy grail

Scientists already know that African countries reached endemicity stage with COVID-19. In other words, it’s much more like a flu and life has returned to normal because of natural immunity from COVID-19 infections.


So if this is so, why the demand for more COVID-19 vaccinations yet African countries, besides South Africa have the least COVID-19 death rates? Could there be any vested interests?


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