TOUGH: Unvaccinated Citizens To Pay Hefty Fines Of $ 8,000 Or 4 Months Jail

Nations are instituting laws to make COVID 19 vaccination mandatory

By SMN Reporter

AUSTRIA |SHIFTMEDIA| In October, Uganda’s Ministry of Health slotted an idea of having a law to make COVID 19 vaccination mandatory for all Ugandans.

Under the proposed law, intended to inspire others will see un vaccinated Ugandans allowed in any public places.

But this move has received criticism from scores of Ugandans including politicians. Leading the pack against this move is former Presidential Candidates Joseph Kabuleta who has come out to attack government for playing double standards.

President Museveni in his recent address to the nation hinted at opening the economy fully come January 2022, whether all citizens are vaccinated or not. But this comes at the backdrop of a new variant Omicron that was detected in Botswana and South Africa last week.

Thought some Ugandans have been able to access the vaccine, and others have been offered it but not taken it up, doses are overall in short supply. Uganda has so far vaccinated about 7m as per November statistics from the Ministry of Health, representing just about 15% of the population.

During a recent mass vaccination held at the Kololo Independence grounds, Health ministry permanent secretary Dr. Diana Atwiine said that if restrictions like what the ministry is considering are not put in place, many Ugandans would continue taking vaccination for granted.

Atwiine said those un vaccinated were a risk to others and should thus remain at home to avoid inconveniencing others.

When the tertiary institutions opened for lectures, most students who were not vaccinated were barred from access lecture rooms at Makerere, and Kyambogo Universities among others.

Austria takes tough stance

Unlike Uganda were the law against those unvaccinated is still shrouded in debate, nations such as Austria have moved forward and instituted tough penalties for those unvaccinated.

According to people repeatedly snubbing Covid-19 vaccination summons in Austria after immunization becomes compulsory there might face fines of up to $8,100  (Ugx29 million) or several weeks behind bars, according to a draft that was leaked to the media.

Those resisting vaccination in Austria might soon face stiff punishments, according to a leaked draft of the so-called Covid-19 Vaccination Protection Act seen by the Austrian Die Presse daily. If passed, the legislation, which is set to take effect in February, would apply both to the Alpine nation’s citizens and its permanent residents.

Under the bill, anyone who refused to attend a scheduled vaccination appointment would receive an official summons from local authorities. If an individual failed to show up, they would then be summoned one more time within the next four weeks.

Should the second official request be ignored as well, the person would face a fine of €3,600 ($4,061)/Ugx14.6 million or four weeks in prison. The fine would increase to €7,200 ($8,000) for those who had already been fined twice for violating the vaccination requirement.


Austria imposes compulsory vaccination from February 1

Exceptions are only allowed for those who cannot get a jab due to “a danger to life or health” as well as pregnant women and children up to the age of 12. The bill further says that booster shots would be compulsory. The Health Ministry is tasked with regulating intervals between vaccinations and possible vaccine combinations, according to the draft.

The government would also decide who was considered “vaccinated” and whether people who have recovered from Covid-19 should be counted as “vaccinated” as well. Still, no one would be “forcibly brought” to a vaccination center or made to get a jab against their will, Die Presse reported.

The text of the bill, which will be discussed at the chancellor’s office on Tuesday, might still change, the Austrian media notes. If passed, the legislation is reportedly expected to stay in force for at least three years.


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