TO UNEB: Why Not Grade Results Without English

Joyce Nyaketcho



MBALE, Uganda[SHIFTMEDIA] Since we didn’t bring Shakespeare to build the bridge, why not grade results without English, after all we are branded entertainers.

UNEB (Uganda National Examinations Board) needs to only consider science subjects and grade basing on the 5 (five) essential priority subjects whose teachers are highly paid, the rest are kwara kwara (useless) subjects.

Actually the British, our former colonial masters, whose education system we adopted and cherish need to take back their ‘English’, it has out lived its usefulness, science can be taught in the local language, and learners will understand the concept very well being that it is a language of their native land.

As for us the language teachers, we shall stage drama shows (Katemba) and become entertainers, bringing laughter closer to the people in local settings.

We may perhaps also rare goats and do some farming, startup SMES, just like we did in the lockdown, not forgetting that the boda boda business did us good.

Long live the eye openers, you have helped us realize how indeed science is important, no wonder, the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Prime Minister, Chief Justice are all ‘scientists’, how I wish I had the state scholarship, I would go back and study the science they studied.

Industrial strike on

Today June 15 2022 is the day the industrial action announced by UNATU officially starts. Ever since the science teachers under their umbrella, UPSTU, briefly staged an industrial action and got a promise of salary increment, the arts teachers have vowed not to let any discriminatory salary enhancement be effected with a fight.

To show that they are serious, a section of arts teachers are contemplating a breakaway union, UPATU (Uganda Professional Arts Teachers Union). This union is yet to be registered and it’s not yet clear if it will see the light of day.


The author is a Graduate teacher

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