SWEETEST: Nabbi Omukazi Reveals How Fallen Pastor Yiga Drilled Her Yoyo For 8 Years

Happier days when Maggie Kayima and Pastor Yoga were at it

KAMPALA, Uganda|SHIFTMEDIA| “One Mans Meat is Another Man’s Poison,” so goes the saying! Though after he breather his last, scores of people came in to castigate Pastor Yiga Augustine abizaayo of the Kawaala church, some others have described the fallen man of God as lowing and “Sweetest man”

In a post, Nabbi Mukazi, Maggie Kayima said for 8 solid years she enjoyed the ‘banana’ of Pastor Yiga! RIP Man of God.


“He is has been a good man. We fell out but I forgave him wholeheartedly. Even before his death we met and i asked him accept me back. For the 8 years i spent with him are still the best in my lifetime. He loved and protected me like a real Nabbi and truthfully i have never found a man like him again”, She said.

Prior to their bitter separation, Yiga’s ABS TV exposed Maggie in a block buster video when she was being tickled by a native doctor in his Shrine. It was alleged that that’s where she used to fetch her magic powers.

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