SUSPENDED: Fraud, Forgery, Incompetence Issues Leave Six NGOs Suspended

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KAMPALA-SHIFTMEDIA- The long arm of the law has finally caught up with some six unscrupulous NGOs that have been accused of operating on suspicion

The National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO Bureau) slapped a ban on the operations six NGOs operating in the country.

Stephen Okello the Executive Director NGO bureau said these six were suspended on allegations of fraud, lack of accountability, forgery, incompetence, and fraudulent practices.

Unless they appeal their suspension, for now, the listed NGOs below are not authorized to operate in the country.

  • Agape Sanctuary Ministries International
  • Global Health Community Empowerment
  • Comforter of the Afflicted Formation Home (CAFH).
  • Christ Alive Glorious Ministries International
  • Equal Opportunities for Women and Children in Uganda
  • Dankind Academy

The likes of Agape Sanctuary Ministries Internationa have been accused of exploiting workers, not paying for services offered, and fraud among others. The Heads of the suspended NGOs declined to comment when contacted.


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