STABBED: Nairobi Woman Who Met Lover On Facebook Nursing Wounds

Sylvia and her bestie were attacked upon reaching Meru by the Facebook lover PHOTO/GETTY IMAGES


MERU, Kenya [shiftmedianews] A Nairobi woman who travelled to meet her new Facebook lover is nursing wounds after she was attached.

The lady identified as Sylvia traveled a four-hour journey to Meru county two days ago to meet the man of her heart,  for the very first time, only to be turned against.

According to the woman, only identified as Sylvia, is said to have travelled to Meru on Tuesday to meet a man identified as Patoo and whom she had been in constant communication on Facebook Messenger.

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A report by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations indicated that their online chats had made them fond of each other, and so when Patoo invited Sylvia to Meru for a party, she could not say no.

Their online chats had made them fond of each other, and so Patoo invited Sylvia to Meru for a party, and she took along her friend.  However, upon arrival to the destination following a more than four-hour journey to Maua in Meru, Sylvia realised she was in danger

The Nairobi lady and her friend were attacked upon arrival to Meru to see the man.

“At 6pm Tuesday, Sylvia and her bestie Jackie boarded a Meru-bound shuttle along Accra road and set-off for the 4-hour journey giggling and teeming with excitement. Along the way, they chatted animatedly and laughed their hearts out as they anticipated a night of pure bliss and niceness in Meru town,” the DCI said. However, they started reading malice when after arrival to Meru, Patoo asked them to board another matatu to Maua town, a key piece of information that had not been disclosed to them

The two ladies, exhausted, hungry, and with disappointment registered all over their faces, alighted at kwa Amos and met an eager Patoo waiting for them with relish. After vehemently apologising for the sudden change of the party venue, Patoo led them to a dark path which he said would lead to their final rendezvous,” DCI said.

Screaming for help

This was when it dawned on Sylvia and her friend that they were in danger, and they started screaming as they ran towards the the main road. As they fled, Patoo immediately reached for a knife and stabbed Sylvia on her shoulder before fleeing into darkness.

A Good Samaritan who was walking home came to their rescue and took Sylvia to Muthara to hospital for treatment. She was later transferred to Meru Teaching and Referral hospital for specialised treatment.


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