SIEVING: Election Of NRM Special Interest Group MPs Kicks Off Tomorrow


A PWD casting his vote during a recent election PHOTO/EC


KAMPALA, Uganda|SHIFTMEDIA| The ruling NRM party will on Saturday (Tomorrow) elect its flag bearers for the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

A total of 50 candidates are vying for the positions of National Youth Representative, Youth Eastern, Youth Northern Youth Central, and Western.

Eastern has the highest number of aspirants, totalling 15, followed by Western, 13, while six are vying for the post of National Youth MP and four aspirants want to pick the NRM flag for Northern Youth MP.

The Special Interest Groups also include the Workers MP, Older Persons, and Persons With Disabilities (PWDs).

Each SIG is represented by five MPs.

According to a press statement issued by the NRM Electoral Commission John Arimpa Kigyagi, some contestants had pulled out of the race. He said Abdul George who was seeking the flag for Northern region Youth MP and Ms Mercelina Busomoke the contender for the National Youth MP pulled out.

Abdul’s candidature was contested in August by Mr Patrick Odongkara a youth from Northern Uganda alleging that he participated in the party primary elections in 2015 when he was aged 29. The up limit cap for the Youth MPs is 30.

The voting for the Youth MP and the Older Persons MPs will be conducted at district level by lining up while the Workers MPs and PWDs MPs flag bearers will be elected through resolution by circular during meetings of the different unions.

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