SHOCKING: Pastor Who Shaved Women’s Private Parts In Church Says He Was Just Acting


ACCRA, Ghana|SHIFTMEDIA| Police in Ghana is investigating circumstances under which a pastor was filmed shaving women’s private parts in his church.

The video of the heinous act that has since gone viral on social media involves this pastor, (names withheld) telling the ladies to move forward and remove their pants as he shaves off the private hair.

As the “Man of God” does the natural cleansing, another, junior pastor collects the falling hair on a white piece of handkerchief before it drops off the ground.

James Oppong-Boanuh the Inspector General of Police of Ghana noted that he had received reports and ordered for investigations regarding the conducts of the pastor.

The pastor’s act has drawn mixed condemnations from across the world with some describing the Head of Pastor of the End Time Church of Bling as ‘fake’.

The incident has drawn mixed views from internet users across the world. Others have condemned the act while others consider it fiction.

But investigators from Ghana whom this newsite chated with said the acts of the pastors were not real. “We later interrogated him (pastor) and realised he was in some form of acting,” said the detective.

The End-Time Church leader said what leaked as him shaving private parts of ladies was a behind the scenes shooting of the TV series he is recording.

“I embarked on 60-day fasting when my church members were facing hardships and on the 52nd day, I saw that Afia Schwarzenegger, Akuapem Poloo and Safina Haroun had secured golden stools in heaven while some top pastors had kitchen stools.”

He said people should disregard the negative comments about the trending video and focus on the message it is delivering. He said God is using him to save Ghanaians from fake Christianity.

He further stated that he never saw the nakedness of the ladies in the video because they put on ‘tight jeans’, adding that anyone who has evidence that they were naked should come forward.

“Everything in the video is acting. The ladies in the video wore tight jeans that covered their private parts. I dare anyone who can confirm that the ladies were naked,” he added.

But the banner in his church during the sessions that time read: “3-Day Supernatural Cleansing”.

In the video, the pastor is heard telling the women that when it gets to their turn to approach him, they should remove their undergarments.

The pastor, who fumed when he was contacted described those against his acts as “Stupid”.


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