SHOCK: 41,Majority Children Killed In Egypt Church Fire On Sunday

INSET- Mother of three children who died during the church fire in Cairo wails bitterly PHOTO/REUTERS

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CAIRO, Egypt [SHIFTMEDIA]- An electrical fire swept through an Egyptian Coptic Christian church during Mass on Sunday, causing a stampede and killing at least 41 people, most of them children and many suffering from smoke inhalation.

The blaze, according to Reuters News Agency started just before 9 a.m. in the Abu Sifin church in the city of Giza where about up to 1,000 people had gathered.

The fire blocked an entrance to the church, causing the stampede, the two sources said, adding that most of those killed were children.

“People were gathering on the third and fourth floor, and we saw smoke coming from the second floor. People rushed to go down the stairs and started falling on top of each other,” said worshipper Yasir Munir.

“Then we heard a bang and sparks and fire coming out of the window,” he said, saying he and his daughter were on the ground floor and able to escape.

Electrical fires are not rare in Egypt. In late 2020, a fire at a hospital treating COVID-19 patients killed at least seven people.

Smoke inhalation was the main cause of death, it said. Families of those who died will receive 100,000 Egyptian pounds ($5,220), according to a cabinet statement.

Giza, Egypt’s second-largest city, lies just across the Nile from Cairo.


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