SAFE; Evacuated Ugandans Arrive Entebbe This Afternoon Aboard Uganda Airlines


BAHAR Dar , Ethiopia [SHIFT MEDIA] Yesterday we reported in here that a total of 208 Ugandans evacuees including some other nationals from Tanzania, and Zimbabwe were enroute to Uganda.


Uganda Airlines To Fly Evacuees

The latest news we have early this morning is that all the evacuees have safely arrived in Bahar Dar Airport.

“I am now at Bahar Dar airport where we are expecting the evacuation to Entebbe to take place Gen Katumba Wamala (Works and Transport Minister) and Ambassador Ecwet have confirmed that Uganda airlines is set to come and take all Ugandans from here,” Uganda’s envoy to Sudan Ambassador Dr. Hajji Rashid Yahya  Ssemudu said.

He noted that his colleague Brigadier General Karaara (Uganda’s military attache to Sudan) is moving with the group from the border towards this airport

“We were supposed to evacuate from Gondor airport but after finding out that it’s a domestic airport and it couldn’t qualify to handle big planes, the authorities took a decision to change the route to this airport of Bahar Dar ,” explained Dr  Ssemudu.

“We are likely to be at Entebbe any time this afternoon Inshallah,” he added.

Ambassador Dr Rashid Yahya Ssemudu and the Ugandan embassy staff in Khatroum before they set off to Uganda.

The initiative to evacuate trapped Ugandans was spearheaded by H.E President Museveni with support from the Sudanese Government, and Ugandan embassy staff in Khatroum

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