Rwanda’s Kagame Emerges After Days Of Public Absence Celebrates Arsenal Community SheildWin


Rwandan President Gen/ Paul Kagame

KIGALI, Rwanda|SHIFTMEDIA NEWS| The wining of the Community Shield by Arsenal, the Gunners have cast doubt on rumors that have been making rounds in social media in Kigali regarding the whereabouts of President Gen. Paul Kagame who has not been seen in public for a while now.

Many hints and multiple possible explanations regarding his absence sent grief among Rwandans since speculations about his public absence hinted on the following: “He is in a coma in a hospital in Egypt or Israel”, “He is incapacitated due to brain tumor”, “He is dead but his death is kept as a secret”, “He is alive in Rwanda but ailing or infirm”, “He is doing fine and is fulfilling his presidential duties as usual”

This newsite has been digging deeper regarding these rumors and unearthed that the later- allegation: “He is doing fine and fulfilling his presidential duties as usual”, emerged the truth. The fact that those who professed these speculations were not able to prove their positions beyond a reasonable doubt cast heavy doubt on their rumors.

A one Thomas Nahimana, a respected politician and leader of a Rwandan opposition party had declared that Paul Kagame is dead. He has asked that if Kagame is not dead, he should show up.

It is ok for any ordinary Rwandan to say whatever they think is the reason for Paul Kagame’s apparent absence.  But for a politician to publically declare someone is dead without official proof is political suicide and a sign of recklessness.

All their speculations have been quashed after Rwanda President Paul Kagame, an ardent Arsenal supporter came out to celebrate Arsenal’s latest achievement of winning another trophy in England.

The Gunners won their second trophy in August as the FA Cup winners beat English Premier League football champions Liverpool 5-4 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the Community Shield on Saturday.

Just 28 days after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang struck twice to sink Chelsea 2-1 at Wembley, the Gunners triumphed in the new season’s curtain-raiser in London.

Mikel Arteta’s side were forced to do it the hard way, with Takumi Minamino’s first Liverpool goal having canceled out Aubameyang’s 12th-minute opener.

The latest win has left the President of the East African nation celebrating yet another success for his beloved club.

“Very Happy for Arsenal,” Kagame wrote on his Twitter handle. “Building slowly but steadily back to greatness! Congratulations.”

When Arsenal won the FA Cup, Kagame challenged the team to aim for “bigger things.”

“Bravo, congrats Arsenal for a well-deserved and needed FA Cup win,” Kagame tweeted then. “We, fans, and supporters kept faith in you .. Going forward let’s aim at much bigger things, and yes we can.”

Both sides will lose players for the upcoming international break, before they kick off their respective Premier League campaigns on September 12. Arsenal will face Fulham, while Liverpool host Leeds United.

Rwanda and Arsenal have a good relationship since the country moved to sponsor the Premier League giants, whose players display a ‘Visit

Rwanda’ logo on their sleeves. The three-year deal which became Arsenal’s first-ever sleeve sponsorship was signed on May 23, 2018, with the Rwanda Development Board, through their subsidiary, the Rwandan Convention Bureau, aiming for the country to become a leading global tourist destination.

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