RESCUED: Ugandan Security Frees 18 Illegal Kenyan Fishermen

Fishermen along the shores of Lake Victoria FILE PHOTO


KISUMU- Kenya-SHIFTEMEDIA-  Following protracted negotiations Uganda has released 18 illegal Kenyan fishermen arrested last week

Similarly, the Kenyan authorities also released in exchange a Ugandan arrested under unclear circumstances.

The exchange happened on Monday, July 19, under the supervision of Bondo Deputy County Commissioner Richard Karani, who presided over the exchange as the Kenyan representative.

According to , the fishermen were arrested by Ugandan officials on Friday, July 16 in Usenge Beach.

The 18 Kenyans were nabbed fishing in Lake Victoria illegally before they were arrested by a team of police marines and UPDF who also confiscated their fishing gears and 7 boats.

The Ugandan was cornered by some Kenyan fishermen he was instructed to escort across into Kenya.

According to reports, the Ugandan, whom the fishermen thought was a marine official was escorting the fishermen from Sigulu Islands when he lost directions.

Bondo Deputy County Commissioner Richard Karani identified the Ugandan as a one Isa Ishmael.

Though he was donning a Ugandan police uniform, he was a civilian.

When he asked for directions his captives misguided him towards Honge Beach where they planned to lynch him.

He was rescued by Kenyan police as the angry mob tried to put him out of action.

“They arrested us and took us to an unknown hill…they then took us to a bushy area where they detained us in a house which has iron-roofing,”  quoted one of the Kenyan fishermen who had been arrested.

“According to us, we are entitled to 6 percent of Lake Victoria, and it is impossible for us to know where the boundary is when in the waters. We are aware that there are boundaries but they (Uganda) have not placed any physical boundaries to show where their water territory starts,” explained one of the fishermen.

This is not the first time the two nations are engaging in counter arrests of the fishermen floating the water borders in Lake Victoria.


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