RELOADED: Karama Expeditions, The Winning Brand In Tourism, Coffee & Chocolate

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KAMPALA, SHIFTMEDIA- One day I was reading and came upon this: “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.”

This is what has happened of late, despite the fact that COVID 19 has hit the economy hard, shattering several businesses, and rendering scores jobless, it has also helped Ugandans shape decisions.

In Luo, Karama means celebrations, a symbolic of triumph. This is the good news, of shaping decisions amidst the hardships.

Karama Expeditions, a brand name in Uganda truly spells out what you need to do when you succeed, live in luxury. According to Solomon Muleyi, Karama is an umbrella of three brands.

“Karama Expeditions which is a tour and travel company. Karama Coffee, which is a brand of fine Ugandan coffee, as well as Karama Chocolate. We are a brand to reckon with because we maintain stellar quality when it comes to all our services and businesses,” observed Muleyi the Managing Director Karama Expeditions.

Feeling rather a daunting task, I asked: The Karama brand blends with Tourism, Coffee and Chocolate, how are you managing to blend the three along?

To this Muleyi noted: “As earlier mentioned, the Karama brands are an epiphany of luxury. If you choose to travel in luxury, and experience the best places across the world, with the best possible service, then you certainly will go with Karama Expeditions.”

“If you want to experience the finest coffee ever roasted in Uganda, then it is Karama Coffee. If you want a chocolate for all the moments when you are celebrating your wins, then it is Karama Chocolate. If you want to win, you have to ‘roll’ with the Karama brand.”


News came in that you were one of the exhibitor at the ongoing Dubai Expo 2021 share with us your experience as you showcased your brand.


First of all, the first pictures that went viral on Social Media were a misrepresentation of what actually went down. Uganda presented what was, in my opinion, one of the best pavilions. As a stake holder, I wished that we’d had more resources to involve more brands that represent Uganda. Nonetheless, Karama group did a good job. We showcased our coffee, chocolate and sold Ugandan tourism to the world in a futuristic way. It was a fantastic experience to see international players genuinely intrigued and fascinated by everything we as Karama and Uganda at large, had to offer.

Muleyi contends that the brains behind Karama “know the ropes”, making it clear that the sounding of the brand is due to the vast experience of the team.

“The brand is sounding because the people working on it have amassed a vast experienced across our different business facets in order to be able to deliver a sound service. So we are not just ready, we are equipped with the right knowledge, research, mindsets, attitudes and more importantly, the right products,” said Muleyi.

Asked comment about the projections in the next 5- 10 years, Muleyi was optimistic indeed.

“I will put it simply, if we keep this pace, (and we will,) Karama will be the biggest tourism brand in Africa. We will be selling our chocolate and coffee in 100 countries across the world. We already do all the tourism destinations across the world as Karama Expeditions. We just need to make sure our merchandise brands replicate the same model.”


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