PROBED: ERA Halts Umeme’s ‘Illegal’ Yaka Units Deductions

An Umeme Yaka meter PHOTO/URN


KAMPALA-SHIFTMEDIA- When consumers complained of an anomaly in April, the power distributor immediately released a statement denying any anomaly.

But for Chris Okello who paid shs10,000 at the beginning of December and was given 16.8 units of electricity in his Yaka meter wouldn’t swallow the pain of getting only 4units in April.

Apparently according to Umeme, while carrying out routine maintenance of their system in December, some consumers were given more units than what they actually paid for.

But that withstanding, does it mean the error that benefited a few consumers should now see all Umeme consumers pay the price?

Last week an enraged consumer took a swipe at Umeme on why it keeps charging the monthly service fee of Shs3,360 and  Value Added Tax of 18% even when a consumer doesn’t use their power. Explanations regarding these deductions by Umeme weren’t clear enough to the consumers.

Cracking the whip

As the cries of consumers hit fever peak, the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) that is tasked with regulating the sector has commenced investigations into the ‘cheating’, especially regarding unauthorized deductions on clients Yaka meters.


ERA noted that following a series of complaints received from Umeme consumers, it has opted to investigate the matter to a logical conclusion.

Julius Wander the Director of Communications at ERA described Umeme’s uncommunicated action as a breach of the Electricity Act 1999.

Wandera said and as thus: “Umeme Limited has been directed to immediately stop this action as ERA conducts investigations into the matter. We appreciate the patience of affected electricity users as we investigate the matter.”


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