PRAISED: Milton Turyasiima, The unsung Hero In The Labor Migration Sector

Milton Tuyrasiima the Assistant Commissioner Labor services

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The hurdles in the externalization of labor are enormous. Uganda remains one of the largest exporters of workers in the sub-Saharan Africa, with hundreds of migrant workers working in Middle East, (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates).

The labor export sector has been made possible with the help of Government, through the Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development (MOGLSD), that has licensed hundreds of companies to screen Ugandans and send them abroad for various jobs.

But amidst this backdrop, there are also many unlicensed companies as well as unscrupulous individuals taking people (Ugandans) abroad for various jobs. Dozens of Ugandans have been fleeced millions of shillings by such fake companies and individuals promising the innocent souls heaven on earth.

But despite all these challenges, the Ministry of Gender has been instrumental in guiding Ugandans seeking for jobs abroad. They insist that for better services, they should always seek the services of only registered/ licensed companies.

These challenges are always mitigated by some ‘unsung’ heroes such as Milton Turyasiima the Assistant Commissioner Employment Services in the Ministry of Gender. Turyasiima has maintained a humble personality despite the challenges in the sector.

Scores of job seekers whom we interviewed praised Turyasiima for always being open minded, having welcoming arms, sympathetic and understanding.

“I was nearly fleeced by some fake company based in Nakulabye, but when I called Turyasiima, he picked my phones and when he asked me the name of the company, he told me it wasn’t licensed,” said Madina Musoke.

Madina, apparently was being asked to fork out shs8 million ($2300) even before she was sure of securing a job.

Shamim Nalwadda, had applied as a maid in Jordan, this was the third time she was trying with three different companies. The first company (Names withheld) based in Old Kampala fleeced her off shs4.5m, the second one based in Kisugu, a Kampala suburb also cheated her another Shs5m.

When she finally secured more cash, and this time approached what she felt was a genuine company, a friend who had succeeded and was working in Dubai advised her to consult Turyasiima. “I was almost paying again, but when I called the Commissioner, he asked me if I had seen the licensed issued by the Ministry of Gender,” she told us.

“He also told me to ask the company for the job approvals cleared by the Gender ministry. He also told me to read clearly the terms of service and contract of the jobs at hand,” said Nalwadda. When she put to task the management to offer these answers, they shied and told her they would call her.

“That is how my shs6m survived. Mr. Turyasiima told me the list of licensed companies and advised me to try any of them. I headed to one and was duly helped. Within just two weeks my visa returned from United Arab Emirates,” said the beaming mother of two.

Others hailed Turyasiima of helping them secure contracts, know the exact amount to be paid while abroad, and the exact working hours and time of rest and expiration of the contract.

“The first company that took me to Dubai were thieves. I didn’t have a contract, didn’t know how much I was supposed to earn, I ended up being cheated for the entire two years,” said Rose Acan. “But when I returned, I consulted the Ministry of Gender, and I was guided. I went to a licensed company, and now I am in Qatar. I get my salary monthly, and I am happy,” said Acan

One of the directors at Bright Creations, one of the licensed labor migration firms described Turyasiima as a very humble, hardworking person, with high humility.

The manager at Bantu Establishment, another labour externalization company that is fully licensed noted working with hard-working officials in the Ministry of Gender like Milton was a blessing for them.

Most of the companies under the External Labour Agencies of Uganda (ELAU). Such as Prime Linkages, Suubi Recruitment Agency, Triple World Limited, and Explorer Dubai that we talked too all had heaps of praises for Milton Turyasiima.


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