NSSF: Dr. Lyomoki Speaks Out: ”I am A Victim Of Witch-Hunt”

Dr. Sam Lyomoki and (inset) Richard Byarugaba

KAMPALA, Uganda [SHIFT MEDIA] Embattled former Workers Member of Parliament and hitherto Secretary General Central Organisation of Free Trade Unions (COFTU) Dr. Sam Lyomoki has finally spoken.

Quoting Mathew 10:16 : “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

 Lyomoki said he was a product of ‘witch hunt’, and ‘Blackmail’. ”Am sorry personally I have been silent in the current storm because I decided to avoid negative energies.” he said.
He said despite the current ”storm”, he had decided to come out to clarify on issues touching him directly in the current confusion.
”I had hoped I would give my defense at the Parliamentary Select Committee. But, unfortunately as you are aware, I wasn’t accorded opportunity to defend my self because I had raised preliminary issues of conflict of interest and malice affore thought, something that offended the Committee,” said Lyomoki.
He went further: ”I see in their report, the committee decided to take all allegations against me as gospel truth even though most are baseless and arising out of organisational politics and malice. And reading their report, one can only conclude that they opted for a one-sided narrative.”
In view of the foregoing, Lyomoki did provide a barrel of documents, that needs great patience to study, documents that he had prepared for submission for the committee, but he was denied the opportunity.
Lyomoki noted that he is aware it is the decision for an investigation that triggered the current storm. ”I also know that I was a lone voice advocating for an independent investigation on NSSF in that last board meeting with H.E the President and I know that created some unhappiness in some quarters and hence some negative spinning and narrative against us that continues to date like the current sponsorship and negative mobilisation against me purportedly by COFTU leaders, whereas not.”
He explains further: ”But our position as workers was in good faith, in the best interests of our constituents and it was by God’s grace that HE the President concurred with us.”
The Hon Dr says he should instead be hailed because had he not pushed for investigation all through the board and in that crucial meeting with the President, the corrupt cartel would have had their day and jumped off the hook!

Why Byarugaba ”Hit” Me

Dr Lyomoki explained that the issue the NSSF management,  especially Mr. Byarugaba and the Chief Investment Officer, Mr Kasaato alleged about him was hoodwinked towards diverting the ‘cover-up’.
”The reason they did this was to purely try to divert, cover-up and even persecute me for my oversight mandate and trying to alert the authorities about their alleged corruption activities.” said Lyomoki.
He said he had personally put in table his clarification to the Board Select Committee during a blackmail they attempted against him in the board. ”So there is a lot around NSSF and so my personal guidance is that people shouldn’t rush to jump on any conclusions till all facts are known etc,” he said.

Committee Findings

The Parliamentary select committee probing the NSSF laid down 28 recommendations to be implemented including urging the Gender and Labour minister Betty Amongi to resign “with immediate effect” for alleged abuse of office.
Amongi has made it clear she wont resign since she is the one who blew the rot in NSSF.
ON SPOT: Gender Minister Hon Betty Amongi

The Committee headed by Mbarara City South MP, Mwine Mpaka also wants National Social Security Fund (NSSF) ex-Managing Director Richard Byarugaba alongside his deputy-turned-acting successor Patrick Ayota to be investigated with a view of possible prosecution for abuse of office, corruption and conspiracy to commit a felony.

The report adds: “The committee, therefore, recommends that NSSF management that participated in initiation of Shs1.8b budget for donations much as they did not participate in the final approval; MD Richard Byarugaba, DMD Patrick Ayota, CFO Stevens H. Mwanje, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Ms Barbra Arimi Teddy, should step aside with immediate effect for investigations by the office of the IGG, for offences of abuse of office, corruption and conspiracy to commit a felony with a view of immediate prosecution”.

The legislators also want the Ombudsman to inquire into the lifestyle of Mr Ayota and Fund top managers, including those in the compliance department.


  • Gender and Labour Minister Betty Amongi resign with “immediate effect” and President Museveni “take keen interest in her conduct”.
  • Dissolve NSSF Board chaired by Peter Kimbowa.
  • Revert Fund supervision to Finance, which will appoint the managing director and deputy, but retain appointment of Board members with Gender and Labour minister.
  • l    Ex-managing director Richard Byarugaba, his then deputy and now acting successor Patrick Ayota, Chief Finance Officer Stevens Mwanje and Marketing and Corporate Affairs head Barbra Arimi step aside and IGG investigate them for abuse of office, corruption, and conspiracy to commit a felony in relation to Shs1.8b given to line minister, board members and workers’ groups for corporate social investment.
  • IGG investigates with view of prosecution ex-MD Byarugaba and five others for involvement in conceptualization, procurement and installation of geo-mapping systems which led to Shs749m loss.
  • Prosecute all NSSF Board members and staff involved in the creation of Victoria Property Development Ltd for abuse of office and causing financial loss of $2m (Shs7.2b).
  • Ombudsman conducts lifestyle audits on Byarugaba, Mr Patrick Ayota and all Fund executives.
  • Workers’ groups, the National Organisation of Trade Unions (Notu) and the Central Organisation of Free Trade Unions (Coftu), refund Shs806m “illegally” received from Fund or face prosecution.
  • Board terminates services of Geoffrey Sajjabi, the head of Business, with “immediate effect” over nepotism claims.
  • Board terminates the services of Fund’s Chief Finance Officer Stevens Mwanje appointed when not a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants as required by law, and the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) prosecute him for working without a professional practicing certificate.
  • NSSF to build houses affordable to savers since only three out of 300 Lubowa luxury units, costing between Shs800m to Shs3b, have been occupied.
  • IGG investigates 13 individuals, including former Fund Deputy Managing Director Geraldine Ssali, involved in the flopped smart card project.
  • Coftu recall Sam Lyomoki and Peninnah Tukamwesiga as its representatives to NSSF Board.
  • Nine board members refund Shs624m pay-out to two of their colleagues, Fred Bamwesigye and Julius Bahemuka, who resigned.
  • Auditor General to conduct value for money audit on Lubowa housing project, the under-construction NSSF Pension Towers (particularly the contract variation), the Fund’s land on Yusuf Lule Road and in Temangalo in Kampala and Wakiso, respectively.
  • Auditor General to conduct forensic audit into transactions over the past five years on the Fund’s Shs57b suspense accounts.
  • Cancel memoranda of understanding between the Fund and workers’ bodies, Notu and Coftu, on the one hand and a separate Fund MoU with ex-deputy managing director Geraldine Ssali for Shs1b payment.
  • Shs610m paid in 10 percent NSSF contributions for two-dozen NSSF board members be refunded within seven working days from adoption of report.
  • IGG investigate nepotism in Fund staff recruitment and deployment.
  • Ombudsman conducts lifestyle audit on Fund compliance staff.
  • Secure and enforce recovery of Shs24b loan to Uganda Clays.
  • Amend waiver powers of Fund MD which Mr Byarugaba used to forgive Shs3b in penalties on unremitted NSSF contributions.
  • Halt further investments in Lubowa Housing Estate until true land owner ascertained.
  • Board desist from extravagant spending.
  • Cancel write-off of Shs2.3b Fund investment in joint venture with West Nile Golf Club and prosecute ex-NSSF chief executive Leonard Mpuuma, then Board chairman Onegi Obel and former Gender minister Zoe Bakoko Bakoru.
  • Recover Workers’ House building land title from Alcon and Tumusiime, Kabega & Co Advocates “with immediate effect”.
  • Gender minister to independently corroborate Board nominees from Notu and Coftu, abolish contract between Fund and workers’ bodies.
  • Gender minister, Board members and workers’ unions account within 90 days for Sh1.8b they received from Fund in corporate social investment allocations.

Watch out for our full interview in our next edition, how he defends his nomination into the NSSF Board, among others. 

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