NO SPACE: Ruto Says No Jobs For Opposition

Kenyan president Ruto

Kenyan President Dr. Samuel Ruto PHOTO/DAILY NATION


NAIVASHA, Kenya[SHIFTMEDIANEWS] Kenyan President William Ruto has ruled out any chance of appointing members of the opposition to the government as lobbying for parliamentary leadership positions within his Kenya Kwanza alliance took centre stage during the ruling coalition’s retreat in Naivasha.

While officially opening the workshop, President Ruto said the official list of all members of the various committees will be made public.

“Tomorrow we shall have a conversation about House leadership in both Parliament and the Senate,” he pointed out.

According Daily Nation  Ruto hinted that the leadership of both Houses will be made collectively, noting that they shall be making a decision on who will be the Leaders of Majority in the Senate and National Assembly, their deputies and the Chief whips.

Oversight role

He laughed off the assertion by MPs that the opposition had the numbers, quipping: ” I have heard them say they have the numbers….if they could not raise a candidate for the Senate’s Speaker’s job what numbers are they talking about?”

Dr Ruto said Azimio members should play their oversight role.

“We want an opposition that will hold us accountable. We have nothing to hide. We want to have an accountable administration,” said the Head of State.

Dr Ruto hinted at having the standing orders amended to have Cabinet secretaries answer questions on the floor of the House.

“They have no constituency to take care of so that cardinal duty is to answer queries raised in Parliament. We want to improve the government’s accountability” said Dr Ruto

He challenged parliamentarians to take their role seriously by attending House sessions and raise issues that affect their constituencies.

Election pledges

Mr Ruto said the retreat will be used to interrogate the Kenya Kwanza coalition, affirming his government’s commitment to delivering on the election pledges.

He promised a continuous engagement with MPs through regular meetings, adding the basis of a good government was having a robust Parliament.

“If you don’t get it right in Parliament you cannot get it right anywhere else,” added the President.

He cited the appointment of the six judges as part of his commitment to the rule of law, and also talked about the fuel subsidy which he maintained was not tenable.

“We made a commitment that we will provide financial autonomy to the police and that was implemented by the Treasury. We shall allocate them resources and demand improved security in the country,” said Dr Ruto.

He called on the police to scale up the fight against corruption and curb incidents of insecurity in various areas.


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