NEW POSTING: Oyam RDC, Atuhaire Goes To Kween

After the handover at Kween the Outgoing RDC Tukei took the incoming RDC RTD ASP Atuhaire for a grand Luncheon!


OYAM, Uganda[SHIFT MEDIA ] Oyam District has got a new Resident Commissioner replacing the out going retired ASP Hope Atuhaire who has been posted to Kween in Eastern Uganda.

Atuhaire had served as RDC for Oyam, her first posting since President Museveni named new RDCs for two solid years.

She has been replaced by former Kitgum Resident District Commissioner William Komakech. The peaceful; handover took place last week witnessed by the Oyam District Local Government Chairperson Benson Dilla.

Chairperson Hails Atuhaire

Benson Dilla, the Chairperson of LC5 in Oyam District, expressed his appreciation for the outgoing RDC, Hope Atuhaire, for her commitment during her service in Oyam District.

He urged the community, leaders, and technical people in Oyam District to work together with the new RDC, William Komakech.

Atuhaire Speaks Out

The out going RDC noted that when she stepped foot in Oyam two years ago, she found lots of mob justices  characterised by rampant unlawful killings. “I glad that by the time of my departure,  this was no more! Oyam is calm!” she said.

She explained that she had also as a leader lived by example by establishing a demonstration garden where she encouraged the communities to plant several crops within a period of four months.
“In just four months, I had great harvest from Egg plants, carrots, beetroots, greens like bugga (red dodo) and the bananas are doing very well. This was meant to orient the communities on mindset change in terms of an acre model for getting nutritious foods and make money to improve household incomes for better livelihoods,” she narrated.
Speaking about the rampant wetland encroachment, in Oyam, the out going RDC noted that she did a lot of sensitization on wetland Conservation and Protection of which the communities had started to pick and appreciating the need to vacate the wetlands!

Combating Corruption

Commenting on the rampant corruption, Atuhaire said she had taken the “bull by the Horns’ regarding fighting Graft.
“Two cases had been had been handled of which one had been taken to Police and another one under investigations! Several issues were pending under inquiry!” she said.

Work Starts In Kween Immediately

Upon resuming duty as new Resident District Commissioner for Kween,  Hope Atuhaire embarked on a sensitization engagement with the httpsUganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) staff lead by the Enforcement officer, Vice Chairman from the District, the LC111 of Mulungwe, LC11 and other leaders to specifically handle the issue of animals that were confiscated by the Park Rangers.
New Kween RDC asp Hope Atuhaire (C) with district and UWA officials in Kween


“After a lengthy discussion the animals were released to the owners. A follow up meeting the issues of the Ndobolos to take place on Thursday 16.03.2023 at the RDC’s. office,” said Atuhaire.
She hailed the out going Kween RDC Wilberforce Tukei, who heads to Bukeddea in same capacity for promising to guide her as she settles foot in the new posting.
“I am yet to study the trends of crime in Kween as the members pledged to give me support I also promised to work with them for the betterment of Kween and Uganda as a whole!’ she said.

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