MURDER: How Dembe Trading Enterprises Limited Driver Was Clobbered To Death

Mahad Mohammed’s tortured body lying at the City Mortuary before it was buried.Inset the lady manager currently on the run is accused of ordering the torture PHOTO/SMN UNIT


KAMPALA, Uganda[SHIFTMEDIA] Wednesday March 16 2022 seemed liked any other normal day for Mahad Mohammed, a hitherto driver at Distribution Company, Dembe Trading Enterprises Limited  located in Industrial Area in Kampala.

As we publish this, the 53 year old driver, Mahad has since been buried. He was buried at the City Cemetery in Kololo after he was clobbered to death by a suspected “gang”of security personnel reportedly commandeered by one lady manager.

What we unearthed

After photos of the tortured body of Mahad went viral on social media, we decided to go deeper and ascertain how he met his death. The investigations that are not yet concluded met several resistance, especially from the so called ‘powerful and loaded’ proprietors of the accused firm where the deceased worked.  Highly scared and intimated sources we spoke too revealed how Mahad was killed.

‘Mahad has been a driver there (Dembe) for some time. He is an illiterate with little knowledge regarding written invoices given to him,’ said a lady (names witheld). This lady, whom we shall call Jane told us how for several occassions when the truck (Mahad’s) is being loaded with merchandise for produce, he either stands outside or takes tea at one of the many makeshifts within the premises as he waits for the loading to be done.

‘He then enters the truck and drives where he is directed to go. I doubt he even knows the content in the invoice or details therein,’ added the lady.

what transpired

On that fateful day according to our sources, Mahad returned around 5-6pm and parked the vehicle inside the premises located in Industrial Area. ‘He then sat here next to me telling me how his battery was warning and needed to charge. As we sat I realized time was clocking 8pm and planned to leave for home,’ said the eye witness.

‘But as I arranged my stuff a call came through his phone from his boss, (The bosse’s wife) who acts as one of the managers. I remember asking him why the boss was calling him that late. I even advised him to ignore the call and just dash home,’ she said.

Jane said Mahad went inside the premises where he was questioned and quizzed regarding some deliveries. ‘I heard some verbal exchanges, before I heard the lady (Manager) saying ‘You will learn a lesson today.’ Shortly, Jane said she heard cries and screaming. ‘I heard him saying I don’t know anything stop beating me.

The source said the gang of security officers beat Mahad in the Boardroom until he became unconsious. ‘They then called police, but he was already dead,’ she said.

Police at Jinja Road told us that they received the lifeless body of Mahad and referred the body to city mortuary.

The pick up that dropped Mahads body at the mortuary

Hurried burial

Being a Muslim Mahad Mohammed was supposed to be buried on Thursday since he was killed on Wednesday night. His body was dumped at the City Mortuary in Mulago where the details of the harrowing pictures where taken.

Concerned staff reports to police

One of the staff (Names withheld) at Dembe who was inside and witnessed reported the matter to police that swung into action and arrested four suspects. The staff revealed to us how the lady boss, whom we have identified as Zia Uwera the Director Complaince had wanted the postmortem of Mahad changed to show cause of death. Due to police intervention, Mahad was instead laid to rest on Friday after a postmortem was carried out.

The postmortem from Mulago indicated that Mahad had succumbed to internal injuries as a result of torture.

‘That lady is so crafty, she said people who steal her properties cant go scot free,’ our source told us.

Police arrests suspects

These suspects who were accordingly instructed by the Managing Director to hand over Mahad to police over allegations of theft, opted instead to torture him to death.

The four were identified Odeke Gideon the Head of Security at Dembe Trading Enterprises Limited, John Nambulu a driver at Senaca, Adrapi Muzamiru an operations assistant at Senaca a local private firm and Maurice Atuhaire.

Dembe bosses speak out

Zia Uwera whom sources said was at the center of commanding the torture declined to speak. We established that the lady from Rwandan origin, who happens to be ‘wife’ to the proprietor Dembe Trading Enterprises also promised to ensure that the case ‘DIES’

The Dembe Trading Enterprises Limited Chief Operations Officer, Bobby Pereira (below) said Mahad was their driver who was accused of stealing merchandise worth Ugx2 million.

Pereira insisted Mahad died under police custody. Police, according to Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Luke Owoyesigyire is still investigating the murder.

Owoyesigyire confirmed that the suspects who are being detained at Jinja Road police station will be arraigned in court once the investigations are complete.

Workers boss calls for justice

The Chairman General National Organisation of Trade Unions (NOTU), Usher Wilson Owere promised to ensure that justice prevails. In  tweet Owere noted how Dembe Trading Enterprises was among those on the top list of harassing their workers.

More about Dembe Trading Enterprise Limited

Dembe Trading Enterprises Ltd was founded in 1994 in Kampala, Uganda  by Anil Damani, and is now the largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Distribution House in East Africa with operations not only in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya.

Dembe Trading Enterprises Ltd now supplies at least 35% of all FMCG items in the majority of homes in East Africa.

Uwera Arrested

After we broke the story our intelligence sources revealed to us that the main suspect in the murder of Mahad, Zia Uwera had been arrested. Sources said she was arrested as she tried to sneak out of the country.

Uwera holds a a Canadian Passport according to intelligence sources. The source revealed to us that they are also interested in establishing why  she also has scores of other passport from other countries.

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