LOCKED UP: Chinese National Blocks Minister From Inspecting Factory, Arrested

Minister Betty Amongi’s guards arrest the Chinese national (center) PHOTO/URN

By Our Reporter

KAMPALA, Uganda [SHIFTMEDIA NEWS] A Chinese national who blocked a Ugandan minister from accessing his factory premises ended up being booked in a police cell.

The national yet to be identified obstructed the Gender, Labour and Social Development Minister, Betty Amongi.

Amongi was conducting an impromptu inspection on industries in Kampala and Mukono districts to ascertain the prevailing working conditions.

The Chinese national working at the Sunbelt industries, a firm that recycles aluminum oxide was arrested by the minister’s body guards and handed over at the nearest Namanve police station.

According to Uganda Radio Network , the national demanded to know from the minister who had invited her to the premises.

Poor working conditions unearthed

Just as was presumed, the Minister later inspected the section that she was being blocked from accessing and unearthed shocking poor hygienic conditions.

She discovered that 80 percent of the workers, majority, women had no access to clean sanitary facilities, something that contravenes the law.

“The women use a seven stance pit latrine, which is almost filled to capacity and emits a heavy stench. The verandah is littered with stagnant dirty water,” said Among.

The workers also lack protective gear such as gloves and boots. None of the workers was found wearing headgear despite operating machines, which produce severe heat and heavy sound that has the potential of inflicting physical injuries on the workers.

Scores of workers who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal accused their Chinese bosses of assaulting them and threatening to arrest whoever complains about their working conditions.

Embassy declines to comment


When contacted for a comment, the Chinese Embassy spokesperson declined to comment on the incidence.


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