LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Zim President Mnangagwa Gets First Covid-19 Jab

President Mnangagwa receives his Sinopham jab from Sister Jane Sibanda at Victoria Falls Hospital yesterday. — PHOTO/ BUSINESS STANDARD

VICTORIA FALLS- SHIFTMEDIA– Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa has received his first Covid-19 jab at with a call to the nation to shun conspiracy theories and get vaccinated for the country to return to normalcy.

Officially launching the Second Phase of the national vaccination programme, the President said all political players should pull together in the fight against Covid-19, a global plague that has derailed economies across the world and wrecked lives and livelihoods.

The President said Zimbabweans must disregard conspiracy narratives being peddled by some religious and political leaders and embrace the Government-sourced, free Covid-19 medicines that have been scientifically proven to be safe. 

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni made it clear when he addressed the nation recently that he is yet to decide which vaccine to accept. Uganda also kicked off its Covid-19 vaccination amidst fears and controversies.

Leading by example, President Mnangagwa got vaccinated in full public view and jokingly asked the nurse to inject him with the antidote again as he felt no pain.

The Second Phase, which is targeting teachers, security personnel and the elderly among other groups got off to a flying start in the resort city of Victoria Falls where residents of the world-famous town also received the vaccines, as part of Government plans to reopen the economy and reset the country on its development trajectory of being an upper-middle economy by 2030.

The President displays his vaccination card at Victoria Falls Hospital yesterday.

“Let me reiterate the global call by the World health Organisation that ‘No one is safe until everyone is safe’. I, therefore, challenge all of us in our respective communities to accept the vaccination programme and to shun vaccine hesitancy, misinformation and the negative conspiracy theories. Getting vaccinated is a personal and a family responsibility as well as a national obligation.

“Vaccination further advances our country’s global obligation to combat the continued spread and negative socio-economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in line with the United Nations and African Union expectations,” he said.

“The first phase of the vaccination programme was a success due to the broad acceptance of the vaccine doses by the targeted groups. Over 68 percent of the target group in the first phase has been vaccinated. I commend all frontline workers and the security services sector for the fortitude and dedication to duty with regards to our fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

“Your unflinching service and patriotism to your country and people, has seen you emerge true heroes during these distressing times. Well done,” the President said.

“This launch is historic in that it is not only being held here at the City of Victoria Falls, our premium tourist destination, but also in attendance are leaders from various political parties in our country, who will also receive their Covid-19 vaccine doses.

The President said it is encouraging that the country has been able to flatten the curve but any complacency could reverse the gains made so far.- (The Herald)

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