JUST IN: Sipapa’s Workers In Tororo Riot Over Unpaid Dues


Charles Olim Sunday aka Sipapa’s house being roofed in Soni Village in Tororo three days after we broke the story PHOTO/SHIFTMEDIA

By SMN Investigative Team

TORORO, Uganda [SHIFTMEDIA] On Monday July 18 2022 we (www.shiftmedianews.com) broke a story about how the residents in Soni Kainja in Tororo where City Socialite Charles Sunday Olim aka Sipapa hails from were crying foul regarding his failure to develop his ancestral home in Tororo.

READ: https://shiftmedianews.com/exposed-sipapa-under-attack-residents-in-tororo-cry-foul-over-his-unfinished-house/

Today we can happily exclusively report that Charles Olim aka Sipapa is determined to complete his house, that had been abandoned for the last two years.

Scores of workers roofing Sipapa’s house in Tororo are accusing the money bags of failing to pay them shs7.2m they are demanding so far. They have laid their tools until Sipapa pays them

On Wednesday, as our team pitched camp in Soni Kainja, Kirewa sub county in Tororo, we reported that Sipapa had purchased 88 brand new iron sheets from Uganda Baati.

READ https://shiftmedianews.com/pressure-sipapa-rushes-to-tororo-to-complete-his-rural-house/

We also reported that Charles Olim Sunday aka Sipapa was personally present as his house was being roofed.

Workers lay down tools

Like we reported yesterday, the scores of contractors assigned by Sipapa are crying foul over none payment. Those who talked to our team on ground described Sipapa as a “Cheat’

“We are currently demanding shs7.2m for the works done so far to the level of roofing. Olim came yesterday, brought the iron sheets and ordered us to continue working promising to pay us (tomorrow), today Thursday,” said Owinjo Joseph the lead Engineer.

The bitter engineer said further: “As the lead engineer, my workers want to lynch me over their monies. When they see Olim (Sipapa) present they assume he has paid me yet he hasn’t. most suppliers are demanding for construction materials used so far.”

Part of the rare section of Sipapa’s ancestral house that was so far roofed by Thursday July 22 2022

The enraged contractors got shocked when Sipapa who had told them he was going to pick their money in Tororo told them he was in Kampala for urgent meeting with some Indian businessman.

“We are not continuing with the roofing until Olim (Sipapa) pays us the outstanding Seven Million two hundred and twenty five thousands only (shs7.2m.) We want our outstanding balances paid, my workers want to kill me When he comes people think he has paid yet he hasn’t, he is not considerate at all, he takes as like we are not humans,” ) voice of Owinjo below.

By today (Thursday) afternoon almost half of the house was already roofed. The workers were enraged that Sipapa was promising them air yet they also have families to attend to.

Charles Olim Sipapa declined to pick our calls when we contacted him.

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