INSANITY: Jealous Husband Who Strangled Wife To Death Acquitted By Court

Tricia Lenny Pointer (Photo: Social Networks)

Tricia Lenny Pointer (Photo: Social Networks)

JERUSALEM-SHIFTMEDIA– A 53-year-old man who strangled his wife due to jealousy and lack of a job due to Covid 19 has been acquitted by a  court in Beersheba.
The court found Scotty Newman guilty of strangling his wife, Tricia Lenny Poynter to death during an argument that took place in their Yeruham home in January.

In the Thursday ruling, the court also found him to have been insane when he committed the crime and acquitted him under the insanity clause.

Newman phoned the police after the murder and informed the officers he had done it. Also read:

He confessed to the murder citing jealousy, and “not having anything to do” as a result of being unemployed which resulted in frequent fights between the two.
Earlier during the court hearing, it emerged that the suspect had confessed to the murder of his partner in the last four years and had even recounted the manner in which he committed the murder. The police investigation revealed that the suspect murdered his partner while she was leaving the house on her way to work.
In 2020, 21 women in Israel were murdered by their spouses.- (Jerusalem Post)

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