HIT: Oxygen Shortage Hits India As Covid 19 Deaths Rise

Delhi has among the best healthcare facilities in India, but it has been overwhelmed and more than 99% of all its intensive care beds are full PHOTO/EPA

DEHLI- SHIFTMEDIA- The situation in India’s capital Delhi can only be described as “pathetic” at the moment.

With the surge in Covid 19 cases worrying and threatening the health facility, it can only get worse before it gets better.


Reports from Delhi indicate that the leading hospitals have totally run out of much-needed oxygen.


BBC. Reported that what is left (oxygen) can only last for a couple of hours.


Scores of people have died in the process of waiting for oxygen.

The nation with over 2 billion inhabitants has so far vaccinated only 130 million people, a number experts say is below the targeted 250 million by July.


The second wave of the pandemic that has left daily fatalities hitting 2,104, and still rising, has only worsened the already confirmed 16 million covid 19 cases.


The cases of oxygen shortages has been fueled by reports of hoarding by health facilities.

Delhi is known to have among the best healthcare facilities in India, but it has been brought to its knees by the latest surge in cases, says BBC. India correspondent Yogita Limaye.


Reuters reported that families are overwhelmed with bodies as they wait to perform funeral rites.

Reports indicate that Crematoriums are holding mass cremations, and working day and night in several cities.

“During the first phase of coronavirus, the average here was eight to 10, one day it reached 18. But today the situation is very bad. Last night we cremated 78 bodies,” Jitender Singh Shunty, who runs a crematorium in northeast Delhi, told  Reuters.

“It is four times more frightful, this coronavirus… Many bodies are around, waiting. We have no place left in the crematorium to cremate them. Very bad times, very bad times,” he added.

The second wave was fueled by the recent Hindu festival where millions of Indians gathered amidst the variants of the virus.

The current political mass rallies have also been listed as the reasons for the mass increase in infections and deaths.

In a bid to curb further deaths, India’s Prime Minister Modi said his government would ensure that oxygen cylinders are airlifted to all regions in India.

Similarly, a weeklong lockdown has been reinstated in Delhi to curb the increasing Covid 19 infections.


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