Government Eases Curfew Restrictions For Air Travellers


KAMPALA, |SHIFTMEDIA| The worry regarding travelers leaving and entering Uganda via Entebbe past curfew time has been eased. The government has announced that all incoming and outgoing passengers will be allowed to travel past curfew time (9 pm- 5.30 am) without any hindrance.

This was disclosed by the Entebbe Deputy Resident District Commissioner Njuki Mbabali.

President Museveni lifted the ban on all commercial flights, allowing flights to resume back after six months on October 1 2020.

Entebbe International Airport was a bee hive of activity as scores of Ugandans and foreigners thronged the airport either to receive their relatives or fly out.

The fear of being caught off guard due to curfew was expressed by airlines and passengers intending to use flights that leave Entebbe past the curfew time.

Flights such as KLM, Ethiopian Airways, and Turkish Airlines among others depart Entebbe way beyond the stipulated curfew time.

According to Njuki passengers, whose flights depart or land during curfew time, are exempted from the restrictions.

But according to the DPC Wakiso, all those passengers traveling must have their passports and airtickets to show proof that they indeed are flying out past curfew time.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says that the stop and search security teams along the Kampala-Entebbe Highway will work in partnership with Uganda Civil Aviation Authority-UCAA and Aviation Police to ensure that only affected passengers move during the curfew.       

“The teams will also cross-check the flight schedules to ensure that people do not take advantage,” Enanga adds, “But we don’t expect someone who has a flight at 5 a.m. to arrive at the airport before 9 pm, so the security teams will ensure that such passengers do not meet any hurdles.”         


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