Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba the newly appointed SFC boss

From your great fan, Peter Katusabe
CEO Ramaphosa Consult LTD International
P.O. BOX 39, Kagadi – Uganda.
Dear Gen,
First of all, I take the rare opportunity to say good afternoon sir? I want to thank you for the great service you have rendered our country and accepting to get out of your comfort zone as the first son to join our gallant UPDF at a tender age to offer your self for the future of this country just as your father ( Jaja) Y.K. MUSEVEN Tibuhaburwa Sabalwanyi.
I come from a remote district called Kagadi. Your papa is very conversant about Kagadi because every time he comes to Kagadi he reminds us of the RPG rifle he got from Sunga police post which is 5km from Kagadi District headquarters. This Magic rifle helped Sabalwanyi to assault Kakiri police station in wakiso and later Kabamba barracks in Mubende where the first success was registered on 6th February 1981.
I guess General you were very young then in Sweden with Mama Janet, Natasha and Patience were either young too or not yet born. Sabalwanyi proceeded to have protected war in Birembo my neighbourhood in Kakumiro district and registered huge success.
Whereas I was born later in 1990 after 4 years NRA had conquered government, I have since completed my university education and established my life. I’m now 30 and regarded as one of the elders in my village to an extent I lead cultural functions and I get accepted. This is how far the post-1986 government has stayed here and Bunyoro region has given the regime tremendous support since, bush war time. You will create time and share with Tata Muhoozi about elders in Kagadi such as Late Lawrence Lukwaago, Mugurusi Ruboha, Banage Bagaare, Byekwaso Yakobo, Omugurusi Kiyaga, Kamanyire Karooli of Kikwaaya the list is endless Gen Muhoozi. These are our elder local contacts that offered untold support for the NRA struggle that ushered anew government we see today.
Way back in 2004 during my O level studies at Kagadi SS, my teacher for political education by then Mr Bisoborwa Peter, current RDC Buhweeju introduced me to NRM revolution and the transformation of Uganda through the able leadership of Gen Museveni. I picked too much interest and my head teacher offered me my first textbook, Sowing the mastered seed. This is the book I read that helped me master the history of NRM revolution and I have since an ardent supporter of Y.K MUSEVEN until 2015 when I parted to join JPAM.
Dear Gen, reading through the 10 point program siyasa nzuuri, our grandparents massively embraced the liberation struggle.
To be precise, Rule of law had lost meaning and constitutionalism had lost meaning, the Uganda army had turned against the population with arbitrary arrest and detention without trial, dissent voices were either exiled or executed and Uganda went to dungeons of terror. The Nile mansion was an arbertor for opposition leaders and many people including late Janan Luwum are said to have died in crafted accidents.
The economy collapsed, the press was censored, civil liberties were crushed and country Uganda became the laughing stock of the world.
It’s this situation that attracted our ancestors to rally behind Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa to overthrow the dictators and return the country to the right path.
To cut the story short, Gen Muhoozi have followed your recent tweets on your official handle trying to utter political rhetoric and the feedback you have been receiving from Ugandans.

At first, I regarded you as next president but the feedback on your tweets is a clear manifestation that you will never be accepted by Ugandans.

You seem to be only cheered by your friends and those with state resources, but General your support among the least privileged like me is non-existent.
This is contrary to your beloved father who got overwhelming support from the least privileged like me in 1981 and offered their lives in the luwero bush war. The number of casualties will be another discussion.
My beloved Gen Muhoozi, I want to bring to your attention that the issues outlined in the 10 point program have resurfaced to worst scenario.

The recently killed 50 lives in Kampala have left us bleeding. Whereas these are described as hooligans, I lost 5 known NRM cadres in Kampala who occupied high status in the community they live in.

This was just in the same kisanja Hakuna micheezo that leftover 150 people in Kasese massacred. We are yet to understand the take of ICC with Lukwago petition.
Mr General, the lifting of term limits in 2005 was the first rape of our just 10year old constitution made in 1995 that had been promulgated in October 1995. The essence of term limits had been to check excesses of presidency and avoid possible reoccurrence of Oboteism and Aminism that had taken the whole EA to solve.
This was proceeded with the bloody assault on the constitution again in 2017 that removed the age limit clause of 102(b) . This was the last gate to safeguard life presidency.
One writer wrote,” absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The absolute power of my beloved movement government has gone upscale and in bid to consolidate power after 35years, General you have been corrupted to consider using Amin Obote approaches of the iron hand to silence dissent.
Mr Muhoozi, you have been to the best military school in the world at Sandhurst and am sure you learned enough about dictators and their consolidation mechanisms.
Dictators read same scripts and approach exams same way, unfortunately, they get uprooted same way, through popular uprising and widespread protests.
The recent burial of Frank in Masaka and the preaching of the clergy is not different from late Nuhu Muzaata or the letter by Fr Anthony musaala making rounds.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, religious leaders ousted Joseph Kabila and is a gone chapter. In Sudan, religious leaders abandoned sheikh Bashir and joined the population. In Egypt, the sheikhs joined the population and Horsin Mubaraka was ejected.
In Burundi, religious leaders did great contribution in ending Nkurunziza grip on power. Mr General, these countries had very well trained and experienced Generals like you. They had strong infantry and air Force but people power over powered them.

The arrogance of those dictators has since gone silent. Bashir is in prison, Horsin Mubarak died, Kabila is grazing his herd, Blaise Campaore is in exile, Laula Gbagbo is in exile, Nkurunziza is resting eternal life the list is long. This shows you that grip on power has its limits by nature or by force imposed.

My biggest trigger to this letter was to respond to the recent murders of NUP supporters country wide and unexplained disappearances of many NUP diehards.
General, the situation at hand is bringing the future of the NRM to the short end. The bloodthirsty military is just a replica of the Amin banyanya troops which we grew being told about. The arrests would be tolerated just like for Nicholas Opiyo but the killings are provoking all of us to wake up and think next option.
You recently tweeted that Bobi wine being called musinguzi was an insult to us westerners, but Mr Bobi wine has been our son in law and kept our daughter Barbra Itungo and produced is good bazukuru including Kampala.

Our daughter has since mentored the previous drug addict to being Africas most influential personality of the year in 3 years row. This is a great achievement for musinguzi. I have never read about your fame my beloved General beyond new vision or daily monitor. Mr musinguzi is in new York times, daily telegram, VOA, CNN, Aljazeera, BBC and his name has featured in Forbes magazine on achievements. I think Mr Muhoozi this is where we derived the strand to name Kyagulanyi as Musinguzi and I hope you perceive this in good faith.

The current generation is anew strand like the new Covid 19 strand in UK and SA. It’s interested in modern governance and tolerance. It’s a generation of graduates who have acquired knowledge here and abroad. It’s negating the extincting generation of Kirunda Kivejinja(RIP), Moses Ali, Sam Kuteesa, Amama Mbabazi, Edward Sekandi, Rebecca Kadaaga, Ephraim Kamuntu, Kahinda Otafiire, Gen. Elly Tumwiine, Aronda Nyakirima(RIP), Gen. Kale Kayihura , Kiiza Besigye or Norbert Mao.
The current generation is grateful for what our old forefathers above achieved for country Uganda and for the transformation so far achieved, however, the new generation wants to steer the wheels and achieve for its self the desired vision 2040 and Africa Agenda 2060.
This will require a peaceful transition of power to a youthful government with keen advice of the old guards. The new government will operate on more supersonic speed to catch up with the rest of the world as we go to G5 network. The automated government will require Firebrand technical team running government with limited civil service but strong private sector that will usher the country to Vision 2040 through modern technology and industry.
For so long we have remained net exporters of raw coffee and net importers of processed coffee. We continue to be slaves of the west in our country through unfair trade. Our agricultural sector remains weak with less than 40% contribution to GDP yet 70% of our population are employed there but doing subsistence at 68%•
His Excellency’ efforts to transform the country since 1986 have had little impact due to poor policy planning and policy failure on PEAP 1&2, NAADS, Boona bagagawale and OWC which ended in futility with ghost farm seedlings especially at UCDA.
Mr General, recently poverty had slashed to 19.7% in 1013 but has again shot to close to 30% in 2020 with over 15m Ugandans estimated to be abjectly poor according to World Bank. Of the 30%, Acholi, Karamoja and west Nile enjoyed front seats besides heavy investment in NUSAF 1,2&3.
The sad news is that Kagadi district my home enjoyed the poorest slot even when it was never affected by war like Lango and Acholi.
Consequently, our vision of middle-income status of $1050USD percapita in 2020 has not been achieved despite being the chorus of the NRM manifesto 2016-2021 and chiefly funded by our son finance minister Matiya Kasaija Akiiki mwene byamihito.
This, therefore, casts doubt whether we shall even achieve vision 2040 in real-time or whether we could extend it to 2060 like we have extended vision 2020 to unknown date.
In nut shell, I want to thank you for the great efforts put in developing country Uganda. from 14m 1986 population to 44m in 2020 is great achievement having added 30M in 30 years. This indicates that the country will clock 100M in 2050.
The survival in 2050 will therefore need a new approach, certainly not the mzee Museveni approach of bottle irrigation in Luweero or hand hoe distribution by Ruhakana Rugunda. It will be a new world highly requiring modern approach and highly industrious. The land will no longer be a means of survival but technology. The advance of Covid 19 has introduced us to zoom and e-government. This is simply a precursor of times ahead. Virtual Business forums and virtual learning, virtual church service and virtual political rallies like Jaja is doing in Nakasero statehouse.

Finally, I beg you to be tolerant enough and read the situation of Ugandans. We love Y.K Museven so much but at the same time want a certain future where political stability is guaranteed. 

These great modernisation predictions have failed in the current system and a new government will start from here.

The times ahead will not depend on SFC or Uganda police under Gen Lokech but on the prosperity and freedom of Ugandans.

As the new commander of SFC(its legality is another debate) I implore you to prevail and have sanity in the country.
The brutal arrests neither make our democracy strong nor admired, it puts our reputation to ridicule and shame. We are current conversation in international media on human rights violation and recently my uncle Karekyezi Kayihura has been listed by US pentagon as unwanted in Washington.

As we embark on the election, I advise you, My beloved General, to tone down and avoid comments that can plunge us into chaos. Avoid tribal sentiments since there are allegations that you were your self not born in Uganda and therefore non-eligible to run for the presidency unless with constitutional amendment to allow so.

Finally when the outcome of 14th February does not come in your favour, kindly spare the 30 million people born post-1986 and peacefully hand over power.

The popularity of the boy from Magere is overwhelming and would turn to the worst scenario on 14th January when the numbers become overwhelming to change.

In your high command, start discussing possible transition without any life of innocent Ugandan lost. This will be a great achievement, greatest of all that you have done in 35years.
Mzee Kaguta our beloved Jaja will be accorded international honour am peace prize and be a regional consultant for the African continent.
Fortunately, when this happens, it will compel some of us who don’t believe in your 2026 presidential bid Ndugu Gen Muhoozi to change our mind and think of having Museveni part 11 through Kainerugaba in 2031 when the two terms for the kyarenga man expire.
I wish you happy new year 2021 and dedicated service.
I’m sorry for writing a long letter to you General, but as a common young man without access to you or to Jaja, I felt using electronic means would reach you very first since statehouse protocol at times is very difficult to convince to see you nor my dear president.
Greet me mama Janet whom we last met in Rwakitura 3 years ago, my great friend Odrek and everyone close to you.
We love you so much but again think about securing our future through a peaceful transition to uphold progress already achieved and Uganda will be proud.
Sincerely yours
Peter Katusabe Junior
Tell: 0706600264
Your humble citizen from Kagadi District
Kagadi Town council & up to date rural young person with great interest in current affairs in the country

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