FDC Meets To Endorse Erias Lukwago As 2021 Presidential Candidate

L-R Dr. Kizza Besigye, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and his wife at FDC offices in Najjanakumbi


KAMPALA, Uganda| What begun as a rumor is now confirmed, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has officially joined the Forum for Democratic (FDC) after holding the Democratic Party Ticket for decades.

Accompanied by his wife, Lukwago who was composed despite the heavy police presence at the FDC Headquarters in Najjanakumbi said he will keep his DP card as a memoir.

He was officially ushered into the FDC book on Tuesday, July 28 2020 FDC president Patrick Amuriat.

FDC is expected to unveil the party Electoral Platform 2021-2026 which prescribes the party activities, programs and prospects.

Lukwago has been a strong critic of the current DP leadership led by Nobert Mao with the two on several occasions clashing and abusing each other publicly. Mr. Amurit thanked Besigye for the effort he made in making it possible to join FDC.


FDC’S Amuriat Lukwago and his wife at Najjanakumbi

“Today is a historic day to welcome him to the party he deserves to belong. I must say FDC would never be complete without Lukwago as a member” Amuriat said. Amuriat took a swipe at critics of the party saying FDC is becoming stronger.

“We cannot rule out the possibility that Dr. Kiiza Besigye will be our flag-bearer and we cannot rule out that Omuloodi Lukwago will be our flag-bearer” Amuriat added.

Speaking at the event, former party president Kiiza Besigye reiterated his desire to continue his political fight.

“Some people relate me to President Museveni, but I will fight until the job is done. Fighting doesn’t mean occupying an office but my eyes are focused on freedom, equality that we can share the wealth of Uganda equally,” Besigye said.

Party members gathered for the unveiling of FDC’s electoral platform for the 2021 general elections chaired Besigye.

The Police deployed heavily at the venue and clashed with FDC supporters, firing teargas to disperse some of them.

Kawempe South MP Munyaggwa

“I have always loved FDC, flashed V-signs, shouted its slogans, and now this is the time I have opened a new chapter in my political career,” said Lukwago.

“I have not joined FDC for anything material. I have not come here for political scheming or for a meal card,” he added.

Lukwago displayed to the crowd a DP life membership card which he said was given to him by former party president Paul Kawanga Semwogerere in 2004.


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