EXPOSED: SIPAPA Under Attack, Residents In Tororo Cry Foul Over His Unfinished House


OUTCRY: Charles Sunday Olim aka Sipapa is undertake from his residents back home in Tororo over failing to complete his house PHOTO/SMN


TORORO, Uganda[SHIFTMEDIA] He lives “BIG’, many know him as a spendthrift, socialite, but with dark record of criminality.

Today we bring to you what you haven’t known about Sunday Olim Charles aka Sipapa son of Ongok. Olim for those who don’t know comes from the word lim, (wealth) in Jap.

Sipapa, a city music promoter as is commonly known owns the Sipapa Entertainment, though many assume he is rich, or wealthy for that matter, the truth of the matter regarding his wealth and riches still shrouds in mystery.

Who is Sipapa?

Charles Sunday Olim aka Sipapa hails from Soni village, Soni Sub County (formerly Kirewa Sub County, West Budama North Constituency (Under Hon Fox Odoi Oywelowo) in Tororo district. Many media outlets have said he is a Langi, he hails from Mbale etc., Sipapa is a Japadhola by tribe.

He lived a harsh life under a torturous step mother back in Soni village.

He was nicknamed Sipapa by boda riders who saw a sticker dubbed ‘Sipapa’ in his car. He always drove while playing loud music. Olim says the name Sipapa was after he had an issued with ones’ car that he crushed, and was forced to pay. “The payment was harsh since I didn’t have money, so I put a sticker Sipapa, so those behind me would read and bypass me,” he said in one of the interviews.

Despite what many speak volumes regarding his alleged wealth, back home, it is a rather different story.  Son to a humble peasant Ongok Martin, who is languishing in dire poverty in the village, residents don’t have sweet words for Sipapa.

“He is a disgrace. To us we don’t know anything regarding his said wealth or riches. Look at his father, and their home, he has nothing, not even a grass thatched house,” said a neighbor whose names we shall conceal for safety.

“Look, whenever he comes around driving lavish vehicles, he doesn’t even have a simple mud and wattle toilet to visit while here, what wealth is that when you can’t develop your home,” added another. Resident said whenever the Sipapa goes home, he splashes money around trading centers in Kirewa sub county before driving to either Tororo or Mbale, or back to Kampala. “What richness is that when you can’t even sleep for once in your village? Nonsense,” said another elderly neighbor.

Sipapa’s unfinished house located at his ancestral home in Soni village, Soni Sub county in Tororo (PHOTO/SMN)

Some of his former old school friends we talked too described Sipapa as a very nasty and stubborn student. “I was ahead of him at Kainja Primary school. He was always giving the school authorities headache,” said Okello Patrick his OB.

Okello said Sipapa was expelled from school after he staged a music show a day after the Primary Seven (P7) candidates had held their briefing ahead of the exams.

“I was in P7 he was in P6, that is where he ended his education. He was expelled. He used to repair spoilt radios and his love for music was so much,” said the OB. “When he was expelled he ran to Kampala where he continued with his workshop of repairing radios in Mutungo, until God paved a way for him into music promotion,” narrated Okello.

After he was expelled from Kainja primary school, he had a stint in Kiswa primary school where he alleges he completed Primary 7. He paid his fees through cash raised from garbage collection.

Many villagers still recall how Sipapa didn’t return some of their radios he was supposed to repair as a young boy in primary.

What Soni residents told us about Sipapa is worrying. “As residents we live in shame and fear. If this guy dies now, we shall be so embarrassed because he has not done anything to better his home, despite the big name.

When we visited his home in Soni a week ago, the house residents showed us that belongs to the socialite, that was started a year and a half ago is yet to be roofed. What is so perturbing, thought remains unverified is the sad tale that the workers who constructed the house are yet to be paid their dues. Sipapa’s father, Ongok, once a resident of Mutungo, a Kampala Suburb in Nakawa said when rent became hard to achieve, he had to retire to his humble beginning back in the village.

He says once in a while he does get support, though he prefers not to discuss much regarding his son, whom he loves anyway. Sipapa wouldn’t acknowledge or deny the allegations as he always seemed busy and un approachable for comments.

Bad Press

Sipapa, is not knew to crime related controversies. After he survived a brutal mob (lynching) in Kololo, an upscale Kampala suburb after he was accused of being part of the house break-in. He was clobbered, but police came in handy and saved his life.

How he escaped from Mulago hospital where he was admitted handcuffed, for two days will be a story for another day.

Olim has been in and out of police cells to crimes related to reckless driving, violent behavior, domestic violence, burglary, inciting violence among scores of others.

He is a known National Resistance Movement mobiliser, and close ally to NRM diehard, Balaam. In and around Kampala, he is usually seen driving in a monster number-less Land Cruiser, splashing money to boda boda riders as he gets along, accompanied by a bunch of jobless youth from Kasokoso and Kinawatala slums, with no respect to other road users.

Charles Olim during a meeting with President Museveni in State House

The music promoter cum NRM mobiliser’s dark secrets and murky past has however not shunned the love for him.

Police ways in

After it emerged that the pompous socialite with a murky past was untouchable, the public outcry, got the attention of the Inspector General of Police John Martins Okoth Ochola aka OMO to have Sipapa aligned to order. Earlier this year his monster number-less Land Cruiser VX V8 was impounded by police after a related traffic accident. Though he is known to riding with body guards, Sipapa was held after he knocked a one Ben Jastt and drove off.

Sipapa after he was arrested for a traffic offence and fined

Source of wealth remains a mystery

Truth be told, Sipapa’s source of wealth remains shrouded in mystery. The self- styled ‘rich man’, has continued to remain in the lime light despite the cries back home regarding his failure to pay contractors who built his house.

In February this year, the socialite who claims is connected to top security officials was in the news for supporting an accident victim. In  a recent interview he did with  Daily Monitor Sipapa came to the rescue of a one Fiona Rukundo, a resident of Kabulasoke who was ran over by a UPDF vehicle and lost her arm. Sipapa is quoted saying he bought a shs21 million car for Rukundo, and promised to provide a

Sipapa described his life as a hustler and gold dealer. His life as a school dropout has been ‘hard’, ‘rough’, and ‘tough’. What is known is that a few years back before lockdown, he owned a bar, Silent Night in Mbuya and a studio in Mutungo.

Sipapa and some his his latest rides that has caused him traffic issues

In 2019 he posted photos of posh studio equipments on his social media pages promising to start up his own Television Station, we await this promise.


During that time, he used to train martial arts, boxing and body building, skills that helped him a lot in his line of trade.

Although domestic violence is criminal, Sipapa has never been prosecuted for battering Batta or Brown Sugar, despite the two women having reported cases at police, simply because he is ‘untouchable.’

Celebrity Life

Little is still know about Sipapa’s family, children and the like, though the known fact is that he is a polygamous socialite. He once dated the local artist Serena Bata, who parted ways due to domestic violence.

A photo published by BlizzUg showing alleged torture marks on Serena Bata

After came in Sugar Brown, another artist, who also fell out due to alleged battering by Sipapa. Then we hear of a one underage girl, Sasha Shamiras, whose father promised to kick the ‘living hell’ out of Sipapa.


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