EXCLUSIVE: Jean Paul Samputu Trashes Claims He Has Fallen For Museveni’s Anti Rwanda Recruitment


KAMPALA-SHIFTMEDIA- The elements of intrigue are at it again. The new exposes are from agents of abhorrence who are destined to see the already waned relationship between Uganda and Rwanda sink further.

Apparently, the news is going around in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital how Rwandan born and Canadian based singer Jean-Paul Samputu has been recruited by the Ugandan government to undermine the Paul Kagame regime.

Jean-Paul Samputu is a Rwandan 1994 genocide survivor who lived in Kampala before he went to the United States, UK, and now Canada where he is settled with his family.

He is a renowned song writer, composer, peace activist and reconciliation activist.

The UN Good Will Ambassador has over the past decades been bonding shattered genocide souls and split relationships using gospel songs.

From the US, United Kingdom, Canada, to South Korea and Middle East the UN Ambassador of peace is known for spiritual bonding songs.

This is now being overshadowed by news that he has been under the mentorship of President Yoweri Museveni, his brother Salim Saleh and officials in Uganda’s security service to fight the Kagame regime.

Speaking to this reporter in an exclusive interview from Canada, Samputu lashed at the critics describing them as “enemies of peace”.

“See how they are attacking me brother,” he said. He said all this malicious propaganda against him is geared towards hiding away from the real truth.

Dubbed “Samputu falls for Museveni’s anti- Rwanda recruitment”,  Jean Paul Samputu a born again vocalist said God will fight his wars.

Jean Paul Samputu and Rwandan president Paul Kagame in an earlier engagement while still in Rwanda

The Virunga post, (an online known for its attacks on the Ugandan government) wrote that Samputu is in process of launching a political party that claims to speak for genocide survivors.

Authored by one Alex Muhumuza, ( a renown Paul Kagame agent), he claims the party’s brief agreement with Samputu’s Ugandan sponsors is to endeavour to mislead genocide survivors that the Rwanda government has been exploiting and mistreating them.

In the shoes of Kizito Mihigo?

The latest attacks on Jean Paul Samputu are not new to those who know the Kagame regime. Kizito Mihigo was a Rwandan gospel singer, songwriter, organist, television presenter, genocide survivor, and peace and reconciliation activist who was found dead in a police cell on February 17 2020.

The 38 year old was a strong critic of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

The popular Rwanda gospel artist who was found guilty of conspiracy to murder Paul Kagame in 2015, but was later pardoned was re-arrested on claims that he was escaping to Burundi to join the anti-Kagame forces.

Kizito Mihigo (RIP)

The attacks on Jean Paul Samputu doesn’t come as a surprise where the government is accused of targeting perceived critics of the regime.

The agent of hatred now intimate that Samputu is being convinced as the second coming of Kizito Muhigo.

The not so good allegation come at a time when the Uganda Rwanda border remains closed since 2019.

In 2017 Diane Rwigara, the accountant who tried to challenge Paul Kagame in elections was charged with inciting insurrection and forgery.


Electoral authorities barred Rwigara, 35, from contesting for the elections that Kagame won by 98%, saying she had not submitted enough supporters’ signatures and that some of the names she did submit belonged to dead people.

The US-educated activist had accused Kagame, who has ruled Rwanda since 2000 of stifling dissent and holding on to power using his Rwandan Patriotic Front.

In February 2021, an exiled Rwanda dissident, Seif Bamporiki, and head of the Rwanda National Congress was shot dead in Cape Town South Africa.

This followed the death of another dissident Patrick Karegeya, a strong critic of Kagame who was found dead in his Michelangelo Towers Hotel in Sandton South Africa in 2014.

Though Jean Paul Samputu is known to close friend to President Museveni, Gen Salim Saleh, and particularly former Inspector General of Police Gen. Paul Kagame, the government denied the allegations.

Gen Caleb Akandwanaho (aka Salim Saleh)  the Coordinator Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) denied the allegations describing them as ‘baseless and malicious.’.

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