EQUALITY CALL: Dr Kazimba Calls For Equal Treatment By Security When Enforcing SOPs

Dr. Kazimba Mugalu


KAMPALA, Uganda|SHIFTMEDIA| As Ugandans usher in the new year 2021 tomorrow, church leaders are praying that security organs to respect human rights.  Unlike the previous years, that end of the year is ushered in with merry making, characterised by overnight prayers, fireworks and binge drinking, this year’s celebration is mainly going to be digital (online).

But as churches plan for online overnight prayers, The Church of Uganda Archbishop Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba has asked security organs to treat Ugandans respectfully in the New Year, 2021.

“We call on all security organs to treat Ugandans respectfully, regardless of their political affiliation. They are made in the image of God and do not deserve to be treated violently. One day you will stand before God and give an account of how you treated your fellow Ugandans. Do you fear God? Please do your job as if you fear God,” Kaziimba said in his New Year message released on Thursday.

The Church of Uganda Archbishop said that the security organs swore to serve and protect Ugandans as well as respecting their dignity, attributes he said should be fulfilled in the forthcoming year.

His message comes at a time when scores of journalists are being tortured, harassed, intimated, detained and charged in courts of law over fictitious charges.
Dr. Kazimba said:  “You promised not to use live bullets, and we expect you to fulfill that promise. We also expect you to fulfill the spirit of that promise, which includes driving responsibly to avoid accidents that claim people’s lives at your hands. It also includes aiming teargas canisters away from where they might injure people and not using pepper spray directly in people’s eyes.’

“We know you have become a well-trained, professional force that has grown in discipline. Now, we ask you to prove it to us. We expect you to show all Ugandans that you are disciplined and will not be provoked to use violence toward your fellow Ugandans, including journalists.”

police brutality
Journalists in Uganda being brutalised by the Uganda police

Kazimba urged the police to treat all parties equally when enforcing the SOPs set by the Ministry of Health.

He called upon all Ugandans to live and act responsibly, especially regarding observance of the set Standard Operating Procedures.

“Please exercise your constitutional right and responsibility, and vote. Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated by the shallow promises of politicians. Do not allow yourselves to get overly excited by campaigns or to expect a human politician to be your personal savior,” Kaziimba says.

Eleven presidential candidates are taking part in campaigns that will be determined on polling day to be held on January 14 2021

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