DUMPED: Socialite Zari Hassan On Why She Dumped “King Bae”

Zari Hassan

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa|SHIFTMEDIA| She is back in the News!  Leading socialite Zari Hassan has revealed why she broke up with her mysterious lover ‘King bae’ after parting ways with bongo Flava singer Diamond Platnumz.

The mother of five introduced King Bae a few months after dumping Diamond back in 2018. She has two kids with the Tanzanian artist.

Zari who the world thought had a secret wedding with King Bae posted shots of their romantic experience on her social media pages that have since been wiped out. She has since come out to explain why she dumped the guy.

However, in an interview moments before leaving Tanzania for South Africa after a one-week stay in Diamond’s house, Zari opted to share the details of what went wrong between her and King Bae.

King Bae

“King Bae was such a chilled guy. With love sometimes shit happens, like that one didn’t last and we went our separate ways but we still talk once in a while,” Zari said.

Zari also revealed that it was Diamond who reached out to her after she accused him of being deadbeat dad after they parted ways, leading to her visiting him in Tanzania accompanied by their two children.

“He is the one who sent me a text and that’s how we started talking. He wanted to actually come and see the kids (in South Africa) but then lockdown happened. When the locked down was eased he said he couldn’t come because of his involvement in the campaigns but said he wanted the kids to come. I didn’t have problem with that,” she explained.

She maintained that she was not contemplating getting back with Diamond but was happy that he was back in the lives of their children Tiffah and Nillian as they father.

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