CONSIDER US: Persons With Disabilities Accuse Banks Of Denying Them Loans


Mathew Omara and other PWDs in Lira City (Inset) Umeme official hands over a white cane to one of the PWDs PHOTO/CHRISTINE AWOR


LIRA CITY|SHIFTMEDIA| Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in Lira City have urged financial institutions to consider them when they apply for loans.

The call was made by Mathew Omara the Counsellor for PWDs in Lira City.

“Each time we (PWDs) approach banks for loans we are sidelined on the pretext of not having collaterals,” said Omara.

He was speaking at a function where Umeme, the electricity distributors were handling over an assortment of items to Persons with Disabilities in Lira City. The items included white canes that were distributed to the visually impaired PWDs.



Omara reiterated that it is usually the community that renders PWDs  Weak and yet they are not weak in any aspect.

The event held at the PWD offices in Lira was attended by scores of PWDs from Lira City and Lira district.


Patrick Sebalamu, the manager Umeme Lira branch said it is part of their corporate social responsibility to give back to the community.

Sebalamu said the offer was an appreciation to PWDS For being prompt in their payments.

He promised a full power supply to their offices.


Patrick Ogwal Enyema, the male councilor for PWDS Lira District urged Umeme or any willing organization to think of organizing a health camp at their facility so that people can get their eyes checked and treated at an early stage to avoid rendering them disabled as a mitigation idea.


Ogwal also appealed to the beneficiaries to ensure they keep the white cane so well because many are still lacking and once it is stolen, it would have done others a disservice.

“If you lose the device, we shall not be accountable; it will be on record that you already benefited and the next opportunity will be given to others who need the same assistance, “he warned.

Jasper Opio, Lira District Development officer for PWDs said the community lacks sensitization about the affairs of PWDs.

“Most people who see the visually impaired Persons using a White cane for walking, think they are pretending or putting on an act,” he said.

“The white canes do help these people a lot especially when crossing roads and navigating in streets because it reflects to the driver, so do not underestimate, it is of paramount importance to them. “He added.

Peter Samu, one of the beneficiaries applauded Umeme for the timely support because the white cane will bail them a lot from just sitting back.

“My legs were getting swollen as a result of just sitting around, this is the biggest gift of my life,” he lamented.

Another beneficiary, Henry Nyang of Ireda, Lira City East Division heaped gratitude on Umeme.

Nyang was the district accountant of Pader but when he developed a brain tumor in 2012 and got blind, he was relieved of his duty.

“When I lost my sight, I was chased away from my job, I  never saw any payments again, right now I just sit and stay at home wondering if God can perform a miracle,” he said.

Nyang threatened to drag Pader Local District Administration to court for delaying clearing his pension arrears.

Lira City and Lira district have a population of 60,707 PWDs as per the recent census.



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