CLIMATE: Oyam RDC Inspects Wetlands, Warns Encroachers


The President termed it “wrong, dangerous and unnecessary” for people to interfere with the water bodies such as the lake showers, river banks, and swamps (granaries of water) for farming and other activities that not only contaminate but also drain water bodies.

Speaking at Kololo Independence Grounds, the tough talking Museveni said: “And therefore, where water is,  please, do not go there. And if you’re there please, get yourself out slowly so that we don’t have to come and push you out of the water bodies. We want the water to be kept so that it can be used for the four (4) purposes of drinking, sewerage, industrial use and irrigation,”

Oyam RDC Swings Into Action

In a clear move seen as putting in perspective the Presidential order, the Oyam Resident District Commissioner Rtd ASP Hope Atuhaire on Wednesday led a team of Oyam district and Sub County officials on wetlands inspection and evaluation.

Atuhaire said the inspection had started in Okomo and Abyenek areas whose wetlands are heavily degraded.

Oyam district
Sections of the degraded wetland in Abyenek in Oyam district

The RDC implored the district officials to ensure that wetlands are preserved so as to ensure proper climate sustainability.

“As a district we are implementing a presidential directive to preserve wetlands, and we shall ensure wetlands in Oyam ate safe from encroachers,” said Atuhaire.

The President who was speaking during celebrations to mark 50years of National Water and Sewerage Corporation noted that the government would come out with  clear plans to deal with encroachers once and for all.

Museveni  asked the authorities in areas where people encroach on water bodies to act on the degraders before it’s too late.

Sections of the wetlands in Abyenek

“Why should this happen when there’s a government everywhere? So, please I warn all those leaders, why do they allow all this to happen under their care?” Museveni warned.

Community Sensitized

The Oyam District RDC Hope Atuhaire later held a community sensitization meeting for persons living near the wetlands. Atuhaire urged those encroachers to vacate the wetlands immediately before they are pushed off and also warned those engaged in activities near the wetlands to be mindful of the boundaries.


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