CLASSIC MOVE: Victoria University Opens Branch At Market Plaza, Serves Lunch To 2,000 City Dwellers

EARLY XMAS- Victoria University Staff distribute food items to city dwellers in Kampala after the launch of new branches at Market Plaza PHOTO/COURTESY

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KAMPALA|SHIFTMEDIA| Christmas was served earlier today for over 2,000 city dwellers in Kampala.

Uganda’s leading education hub, Victoria University (VU) also in a similar move extended its classrooms to a fully furnished state of the art Market Plaza.

The University says, shifting some lectures to Market plaza was made to help students observe Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs), complying with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES, National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), and creating room for more students to join the institution since numbers are increasing on a daily basis.

“Victoria University is building capacity that will see the institution become the leading University in Uganda very soon. We have a lot of students joining and we now have enough space at Market Plaza, about three to four floors which are going to include lecture rooms, lounges and a restaurant for students,” Dr. Lawrence Muganga the University Vice Chancellor said.

He added that since Market Plaza is located within the business community, the University resolved to shift students doing business related studies plus those doing Information and Technology (IT), to acquire more skills while solving problems facing businessmen.


“We are building a university that will transform society; the education we provide is to change society. You see this is a busy place, it is where best businesses are and these people have problems they personally can’t solve. That’s where Victoria University comes in! That’s why we want every student studying business, or IT to come here and solve problems of the business community,” Dr. Muganga added.

Dr. Muganga, assured learners that Victoria University is building capacity that will see the institution become the leading University in Uganda very soon.

“We going to lead the way and others will follow. We are going to transform society, which is our core aim,” Dr. Muganga vowed. Soon after his speech food was served to multitudes of people within the city.


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