CHAPEL: Bishop Odama Hails Prof. Aginya For Construction Of Lukwir Church


LUKWIR, Omoro [SHIFT MEDIA NEWS] The setting was superb, the audience calm, the serene beautiful, while the local dancers graced the day with articulate hymes and rythmatuc performances.

To grace the official opening of St Jude and St Domitilla Chapel in Lukwir Opit Parish Omoro district was none other that Gulu Archdiocese Bishop, John Baptist Odama.

Odama who looked in his moods described Prof Emmanuel Odongo Aginya Egwaro as a ‘  True servant of God”. His summon to the mammoth Christians in Lukwir, Bishop Odama said: Prof Emmanuel Odongo Aginya, you would have used this money to do other things for yourself or your family, bit you decided to construct a church for the community, God bless you.”.

Odama who  preached at length warned the children and family of Prof Emmanuel Odongo Aginya not to later change tomorrow and demand for the land where the church has been built.

“I do appeal to the children, family and clan leader to work on the lease issue immediately and to clearly demarcate the boundary of the donated church land,” he said.

Bishop Odama and other clergy inside Prof Aginya house in Lukwir before the service commenced
Arch Bishop Odama also warned the locals against engaging in bingy drinking describing the act as a serious issue that is slowly killing most locals. “I am sure Prof has enough food and drinks here today, but please desist from taking alcohol. I see very young boys and girls engaged in taking local illicit brew and topping up with marijuana. You will die and perish all unless you stop this habit,” he warned.

He called upon the Christians in Lukwir and entire Opit Parish to cherish the church built by Odongo Aginya.

“Please don’t take this church as a project or property of Prof,he has built it and today handed over to the church. I have also handed over the keys to the Parish Priest,” he said. Odama also warned the locals against tying their goats in the church during the hot seasons.

“I have heard some goats crying here, please don’t use the church for sheltering your animals,” he said.

Prof Emmanuel Odongo Aginya who is head of Micro biology at the Gulu University, as well as Uganda”s Parasitology professor said he had decided to construct the chapel as his gift for Gods blessing to his family.

Some of Prof Emmanuel Odongo Aginya daughters at the event (l), below Odama blesses the Mother of Jesus House

He said in an interview that he had built the chapel over time, declining to state how much the massive church has cost him.

The day was climaxed by heavy entertainment from local church choirs, local artists and a few guest performers from Acholi and Lango sub regions.


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