CAMPAIGNS: M7 Says Issues Of Tribalism And Segregation Have Been Sorted Out in Uganda

Museveni campaigns in Apac


ARUA, Uganda|SHIFTMEDIA| The race for presidency entered day five with most candidates promising Ugandans better leadership if elected come 2021.

Incumbent and NRM flag bearer Rtd. Gen. Yoweri Museveni is winding up his campaign trail in West Nile where he held meetings with NRM flag bearers, mobilisers and coordinators.

While meeting the mobilisers from West Nile at Muni university grounds Museveni lashed out at critics who are against his age, saying age is just a number.

He said he should be elected back to the office because of his clear ideology that has shaped Uganda’s political landscape.

“Ideology was a big problem for Uganda that led Europeans to colonise us. In 1952, Kangave Musaazi formed the Uganda National Congress which wanted to be like the African National Congress (South Africa) and Convention People’s Party by Kwame Nkrumah. It (UNC) was formed to fight for independence but in 1954, segregation set in and Catholics formed the CAMDemocratic Party whereas Protestants formed UPC,” Museveni said.

He said that because of this segregation along tribal and religious lines, Uganda was not manageable and could not form a stable national army.

Museveni said he is now happy that because of his contribution to the country’s politics, the population no longer dwells so much on tribe, religion or any other beliefs during politics.

“I am now happy we are beginning to get politics of issues like lack of jobs. That is very good politics because it means people are now concerned about their welfare issues than segregation,” he said.

Museveni however urged the people of West Nile to vote for the ruling NRM government to ensure the achievements in the past 35 years are consolidated.

Earlier Finance state minister Evelyne Anite said the crowds that welcomed National Unity Party president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine were there to see the artist and not to show solidarity in supporting him.
Anite told President Museveni that the issue the opposition was always winning in West Nile was due to lack of power that has already been sorted out.
She said come January 14, 2021, NRM will walk out with a win.

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