BLOODSHED: Angry Sabinyi Youth Give Government Ultimatum On Ancestral Land

Sabinyi youth demand for land

Scores of Sabinyi youth during the demonstration PHOTO/PHOEBI MASONGOLE


Kapchorwa, UGANDA |SHIFTMEDIA| The Sabinyi youth have given government an ultimatum regarding the delayed compensation for their ancestral land.

In threats issued a week ago, the Sabinyi youth leaders demanded that their ancestral land be compensated, lest bloodshed ensues.

The youth attest that their fathers were forced out of their land by the Karamojong cattle rustler insecurity during the 1980s from low land to upper plains


The area in question is Bunabutye land plot 10, 93, 94   covering 60, 000 hectares located in Bulambuli district where Bududa landslide victims are currently resettled by the government

The Julius Odwe (Former Deputy Inspector General of Police) land report, revealed that their entire land was inhabited by four ethnic groups, Sabiny, Bagisu, Babukusu and Nandi and took 70%: 10%:10%:10% portions  respectively.

It is rather shocking that the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and Lands Ministry that was tasked to implement the report by President Museveni in 2009 didn’t heed.


President  Museveni in 2009 directed that a boundary demarcation between sironko, Bulambuli  and Kapchorwa districts, be carried out.

Museveni also suspended all surveys, caveats, demanded for an investigation and directed that all tittles bought or sold in the said land be canceled.

The youth also accused the OPM and ministry of lands, housing and urban development of adamantly refusing to resettle the sabiny in their ancestral land.

The youth echoed their sentiments during a community resolution meeting held in kutung village, kutung ward in Kapchorwa municipality.

Tom Chesang, the chairperson Sabiny youth land claimants said they had written to all responsible offices including the presidents but nothing has been done

“We have been crying for justice, petitioned almost 10 ministries but no action has been done” he said

OPM should stop conniving with Bulambuli leadership and land fraudsters who collaborate together to illegally buy our ancestral land while we are not involved. We will not watch our land be grabbed forcefully from us, justice delayed is justice denied”


Earlier efforts

On November 10th 2021, the sabiny youth land claimants wrote to Bududa district stakeholders informing them to vacate their people from the land that OPM acquired

“We 3000 landless Sabiny youth wish to inform you to evacuate your own citizens from our ancestral land which the office of prime minister illegally acquired, put resettlement without our consent and permission on plot10  93, 94″ reads the petition.

” The purpose of our communication is to inform you to evacuate your own out of our land before 17th the set date for 3000 landless Sabiny back to our ancestral land” letter adds


“We  have petitioned and informed the government of Uganda , OPM minister for presidency, minister for lands speaker and the president of the republic of Uganda of the set date of our own voluntary resettlement on 17th this month” Chesang said


“All groups were compensated apart from the sabiny, it’s now over years but response to the cry” he said

He added: we have now lost hope in the government because of its empty promises”


Joseph Banana area councilor Tumba Sub County said they are dying poor   because of no resources

“We don’t have any employment to survive on because everything was taken, we are living on a foreign land as strangers” he said

He added; ” we have decided to go back where we belong, we are not going to carry any stick, spear but peacefully”


Henry Sabita, one of the elders said they still remember their location despite the many years.

“They are waiting for us elders to forget or die and confuse our children but it’s impossible” he said

He added; “we have instructed and informed our children in the boundaries and demarcations which they are aware of”


Christopher Chemonges, the LC11 Kutung village in Kapchorwa municipality said not being in their land has seriously affected them.


“We would have attained good life, education wealth like other people but we don’t have” he said

He added: the government is always talking about our nation becoming medium income status how it this possible when some of us are backwards”

Sabiny elders and youth land claimants during the meeting held in Katung village, Katung ward in Kapchorwa municiaplity


Phionah Chemutai a resident of Chema village said they are lagging behind in all government programs

“It’s like we are not in Uganda, we don’t have access to social services such as drugs in health centers, education among others like other districts” she said

Johnson Kayira, a resident said they have no access to their ancestral home” “The police has continued to cause insecurity against us whenever we step in our land but this time we are set” he said

“How can Karamajongs who brought the whole confusion be resettled first at the expense of us,”  said Sam Baramas, the Kween District youth Chairperson.

RDC speaks Out 

Tom Chesol, the RDC Kapchorwa district urged the youth to follow the due process to acquire back their land,

“Has court allowed them to move, Let them follow the due process if not go to court or sue local government and individuals on their land and if court Okays them they will be free to go to their land” he said

He added; “we don’t want to raise more conflicts between the two when there is court”

Stanley  Baylee, the RDC Bulambuli district said whoever is behind this will account for his action.

“We don’t handle issues through demonstration but mediation, whoever claims Bumbutye land is his ancestral land should come with right full documentation” he said

He added; “They should know Bunabutye land is gazetted land and it’s in Bulambuli district not Kapchorwa”

Efforts to call the government spokesperson for  comment, his phone was not going through




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