BACK: Tycoon BMK Returns With A Book “My Story of Building A Fortune In Africa”

Hajji Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige


KAMPALA-SHIFTMEDIA- He may be out of the limelight but not out, property Mogul and legendary entrepreneur, Hajji Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige is back with a bang.

On the 18th March 2021 BMK who has been battling an illness will be launching his book “My Story of Building A Fortune in Africa”. 

What the republic remembers soon after lockdown around March was when he was airlifted to a Nairobi Hospital for further treatment.

A close aid revealed to this News site that the Hotel Africana chain of Hotel owner is sound and kicking. Asked how Hajji was, a close BMK aide said: “Hajji is fine, He is set to fly in soon to launch his book on March 18.”

What we can reveal is that the book will be launched by non, other than fellow author, and Buganda Premier Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga.

What is BMKs’ book all about

The book tells the story of how Hajji Muwanga Kibirige despite the hurdles in life, managed to make in and build a fortune in Africa.

In 1982, during his would-be maiden business trip to Japan businessman Dr Bulaimu, Muwanga Kibirige stuffed a briefcase with US$52,000 approximately Shs190m in today’s money and boarded a flight via Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, he was to change flights for the final leg of his trip.

While in the queue at the check-in counter in the airport, he rested his suitcase down as he waited for his time to get the boarding pass. A thief grabbed the suitcase and ran as fast as he could. BMK sounded the alarm as loud as he could but that couldn’t stop the thief as he disappeared in the crowded airport. All his money was gone. His passport too. He couldn’t proceed to Japan.

He was to be deported back to Uganda where he would have been sent to jail or even killed. He had run away and started living in exile in Nairobi having been suspected for being a regime enemy by the mere fact that he had money.

How could somebody lose US$52,000 at the time and re-establish himself? BMK’s improbable journey to the summit of the business world is humorously told in his memoirs titled “My Story of Building a Fortune in Africa.”

In this autobiography cum ‘How to Do Business 101’, Dr BMK tells his story from a young boy who ditched school to trade coffee alongside his late father and mentor — the late Hajj Ali Kibirige — to the award-winning entrepreneur with one of the most recognizable hotel chains and brands in the region — Hotel Africana with branches in Kampala, Moroto and Lusaka in Zambia.

He also owns a chain of spare parts dealing outlets in Uganda, Dubai, Japan and Zambia.

He tells the story of his life working with his family members, establishing businesses in many countries and the happiest moments of his life. His plans for the BMK Group and what he thinks anybody interested in building a fortune in the next 40 years need to do.

The launch of the book is a remarkable achievement for Dr BMK who is self-taught and self-made having dropped out of school after primary seven.

Today one of the remarkable achievement, apart from Hotel Africana is the prestigious BMK House along Wampewo Avenue that has changed the skylines of Kampala.

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